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ZOMBIE JESUS giveaway from Dark Moon Books

Posted in News on September 29, 2012 by Christian

Lest you break into the cold sweat at the thought of receiving a walking dead messiah figure, I’m talking about the book, here. Max Booth III, editor of ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES, has announced a giveaway of the upcoming anthology for those that post on its official blog. Here’s the skinny:

I am officially announcing an ongoing contest beginning right now.

On the at-the-moment to be announced November release date of Zombie Jesus & Other True Stories, we will be picking five people who have commented on our Zombie Jesus blog to win a prize. It doesn’t matter which post (including this post you’re reading right now), we will be going through every single comment on the site, and putting all the names into a drawing (authors of Zombie Jesus are disqualified, obviously). And yes, your name will be entered more than once if you comment on multiple posts. However, if you comment a bunch of times on one post, it’ll only be entered once for that post. Meaning, you get one vote for each post you comment on. Simple enough.

Commenting on my blog is more than welcome, but will not qualify you for the giveaway. Read the rest of the official rules and enter to win here.

The crazy moose from EVIL DEAD 2 that Max Booth chose to illustrate his blog post. Nice choice!

What if…?

Posted in News on September 28, 2012 by Christian

The introduction by Max Booth III to ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES from Dark Moon Books and featuring my short story, “Sic Semper Versipellis” is up at the Zombie Jesus Blog.

It’s a question we all ask ourselves. A question that has sparked countless books and movies. A question that unravels our minds and breaks all sense of reality as we know it. What if you could go back in time and change the past? What if you could shape the future as you see fit?

Would you?

What would you change?

What if you traveled back and killed little baby Hitler? Or caused the South to win the Civil War?

What  kind of country would we live in now? Would it be better, or worse? What horrors are awaiting out there in our past, that we just barely avoided?

Forget killing baby Hitler. What if you went back and, knowing what you know today, helped him WIN the war? Where would we be today? We would live in a world that most can’t even imagine without shedding a few tears. We would be in hell.

Think about it. We’ve all read the history books. We all know the stories. But we don’t know it all. We don’t know what the authors let out, or what almost happened but didn’t. And we never will.

Time slips away from us all. Knowledge becomes fuzzy. Our sight of what is true is lost.

Put back on your glasses. Look into what is real.

Stare into those stars of time and ask yourself…

Read the rest of the introduction here.

The next big thing…

Posted in News on September 26, 2012 by Christian

I started my writing career with short stories, which still make up 100% of my published works, but I did complete a novel this year called LOSING TOUCH, and fellow writer Thomas James Brown has given me the chance to talk a little bit about it by forwarding the following 10 questions to answer in this space. And the scariest part? I’m not even sure I know the answers yet myself, but I will try…

1. What is the working title of your book?

With so many of my short stories, I switch the title three or four times, but this work, my first novel length manuscript since a fantasy trunk novel twelve years ago, I knew the title from the start, back when it was only a short story. The working title, pending publication, is LOSING TOUCH, and, as any good title does, it works on several different levels. Watch now–it’ll get changed.

2. Where did the idea come from for the book?

I started writing a short story around the central concept several years ago, but never got past the first page. I suppose the idea came from the notion that human beings can disconnect with the world around them for reasons they never fully understand–sometimes its a self-defense mechanism, sometimes its deliberate, and sometimes it just happens. For the main character, it might be a combination of all three.

3. What genre does your book fall under?

I’m really bad with genres, because they can get so specific. Most people would simply call it horror, and I don’t mind that, but it’s really more urban fantasy, and, in the broadest sense, science fiction, like Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN. How it gets labeled is up to the publisher, but I can tell you that it’s about a family man in contemporary Chicagoland, and there are no dragons.

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

I saw a movie last year that I really liked called THE COLLAPSED, written and directed by Justin McConnell. The male lead was played by John Fantasia. Not a household name yet, I know, but he delivered a terrific performance as an everyman combating the unknown crowding around him. He’d be a great pick as the main character. But I’d be flattered with anyone portraying characters that I created. Is Conrad Bain still working? Maybe not him.

5. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Oh, geez. I suck at this. <– That is not my synopsis! <–Neither is that!

6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

I’m still working out the details on this, but probably not self-published.

7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

I thought it would take me years, but it actually only took four months. I was afraid to start writing something longer than about 5,000 words, like a lot of men are afraid to marry. I was afraid of the commitment. But I wrote at least 500 words just about every day, which isn’t a whole lot–maybe a half hour’s worth of work. And I found the more I pushed, the easier it became. Kind of like working out. Marriage. Gym. Can I compare this to anything else?

8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Probably CARRIE by Stephen King. Things just start happening to the main character, who is equal parts victim and perpetrator, or perpetrator in response to being a victim…

9. Who or What inspired you to write this book?

My own life. I’m approaching mid-life, the time of crises. Few people can look back on their first forty years or so and say things broke the way they called it. While I have no complaints, I can’t say it wasn’t terrifying, or that I wouldn’t use a double-negative if the situation called for it.

10. What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Everyone can identify with isolation and desperation in an era when no one, including big brother, can balance the budget. The main character is going through something like what you’re going through, or have gone through, anyway.

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POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III contributors announced

Posted in News on September 25, 2012 by Christian

Editor Sean Moreland has revealed a list of contributors for the upcoming POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III, which promises to be the biggest, most diverse book yet in the series. In addition to my own “Thirteen Seconds,” the list of contributors to the latest volume includes:

  • Jason Wierzba
  • David Newson
  • Kera Willis
  • Kyle Hemmings
  • Frank Roger
  • Karen Robiscoe
  • Canice Caskey
  • Carly Berg
  • Alyssa Cooper
  • Christian A. Larsen
  • James Moran
  • Patrick Roscoe
  • Ralph Robert Moore
  • Alexander Gonzalez
  • Michael Kelly
  • Kriscinda Everitt

POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS promotional poster and volume 2

In the event that any of you are in the Ottawa area, make plans to attend Postscripts to Darkness’s pre-Halloween book bash at Collected Works on October 29th, and hear select contributors read excerpts from each of the first three POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS anthologies.

ZOMBIE JESUS coming this fall

Posted in News on September 24, 2012 by Christian

Dark Moon Books Editor Lori Michelle is almost done formatting the upcoming horror anthology, ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES featuring my short story, “Sic Semper Versipellis“. It will be released sometime this fall, with an exact date TBA.

Here is a complete table of contents:

  1. “Damned” by Cody Langille
  2. “The Hunger Beneath the Sea” by T. Fox Dunham
  3. “Saving Cloud-Girl” by Eric J. Hildeman
  4. “Culture Sculptor” by Charlie Fish
  5. “Partners” by Ian Welke
  6. “The Hopeful Doctor” by E.F. Schraeder
  7. Sic Semper Versipellis” by Christian A. Larsen
  8. “Auction” by James Hoch
  9. “The Darwin Line” by James Ciscell
  10. “Victoria, Victoria” by K.M. Indovina
  11. “Those That Knock” by Morgen Knight
  12. “The Journal of USS Indianapolis Survivor: Stefanos “Stevie” Georgiou” by Kevin James Breaux
  13. “Avoid Seeing a Mouse” by James Dorr
  14. “The Golgotha Fight Song” by Barrie Darke
  15. “Legends” by Kristopher Triana

Dark Moon Books has previously published authors such as Ramsey Campbell, Simon Clark, Jack Ketchum, Tim Lebbon, Graham Masterton, Joe McKinney, William F. Nolan, Jeremy C. Shipp, and Joe R. Lansdale, and ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES will continue their bone-chilling legacy.

“The Martyr of liberty…” (Library of Congress, Stern Collection, Rare Book and Special Collections Division.)

“Short Circuit” to appear in issue 3 of HYPERPULP

Posted in News on September 23, 2012 by Christian

HYPERPULP, a Brazilian magazine published in English and Portuguese, will publish my short story, “Short Circuit” on September 30. Edited by Alexandre Mandarino, HYPERPULP specializes in genre fiction, bridging the gap between it’s Brazilian readership and readers around the globe.

My story, based on a hike with my son in the Cook County Forest Preserves where I used to play as a kid, will join a growing roster of writers who have appeared in previous issues of HYPERPULP; writers such as: Liam Sharp, C. C. Finlay, Daniel Pearlman, Gustavo Bandoni, Carlos Orsi, Berit Ellingsen, Cat Rambo, Romeau Martins, and Hansi Linderoth.

Mandarino says that the goal of the magazine is to publish horror, science-fiction, fantasy and westerns with literary integrity–that is, stories that may have a fantastic element to them, but also tell complete, engaging stories. Hopefully, you’ll find this to be the case with “Short Circuit” when it’s published a week from today.

Win NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO REAP from Front Row Lit

Posted in News on September 21, 2012 by Christian

Win a digital copy of NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO REAP from Front Row Lit.

Front Row Lit is giving away a digital copy of the new book, NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO REAP (Sirens Call Publications), featuring my short story, “Fugue State.”

To enter, just comment on any post on Front Row Lit. Six total commenters will be drawn at random and awarded Kindle copies of the book. The contest ends at 4:00 CST on Monday, September 24, so don’t put it off.

Click here and read excerpts from each story before commenting on the post of choice. Front Row Lit has passages posted on their website from each of the following:

  • “Fugue State” by Christian A. Larsen
  • “Gable’s Leatherworks” by J. Marie Ravenshaw
  • “Me and the Monster” by Ryan C. Anderson
  • “Sweet Addiction” by Aspen deLainey
  • “Good Taste” by Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • “The Game” by Amber Keller
  • “You Should Have” by Lori Michelle
  • “A False Odor of Sanctity” by John H. Dromey
  • “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!” by Jeffery X. Martin
  • “Beasts of Burden” by Thomas James Brown
  • “The Fairies in the Wood” by Bill Read
  • “The Eater” by Sergio Palumbo

If you don’t win on Monday, you can buy your own digital copy of NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO REAP here. Or if you prefer a paperback copy, you can buy it here.

“Freestone” to hit shelves in early 2013

Posted in News on September 20, 2012 by Christian

Another Sky Press will release the sci-fi anthology ALIEN SKY, edited by Justin Nicholes and including my short story, “Freestone” in the first quarter of 2013.”Freestone” is my first sci-fi anthology contribution, but the story does have horrific overtones, which isn’t surprising, since horror and sci-fi are literary fraternal twins.

Here is a look at the complete table of contents:

  • “The Machines Change” by Justin Nicholes
  • “Red Dust from His Boots” by Paul Jessup
  • “Crime Is Multiversal” by RCJ Graves
  • “Fetch” by Marshall Moore
  • “Focus” by Brian Koscienski & Chris Pisano
  • “To Mine Blood” by Joe Matar
  • “The Last First” by Guy Salvidge
  • “Chewers” by J. Kelley Anderson
  • “The Promise of Extinction” by Chris White
  • “Residual Humanity” by Joe Jablonski
  • “Freestone” by Christian A. Larsen
  • “Dominance” by Georgina Kamsika
  • “Gordian Knot” by Tom Howard
  • “The Winter of Man” by Jeremy Clymer
  • “Feather Wait” by Doug Donnan
  • “Caves” by Benjamin Christensen
  • “Whistle in the Wind” by Gerry Huntman
  • “Epsom Ipsom” by T. Lloyd Reilly
  • “Aquatic Destiny” by Shane Ward
  • “Whatever Can GOBAD” by Daniel Pearlman
  • “Painting the Stars Red” by Derek Smith
  • “A New Pair of Eyes” by Hunter Liguore

“Freestone” is about a football player who is so good he changes the competitive landscape of the league, but deep down, he really doesn’t want to be a football player at all, and when he finds out why, well, that’s when bad things start to happen.

Another Sky Press operates a little differently than most publishers, and it’s a pretty cool business model. You’ll be able to buy ALIEN SKY through,, and for a fixed price, or you can order it directly through the publisher for the production and shipping costs, plus whatever you think it’s worth. Think of it as the tip for writers who are writing, essentially, for tips. So, come 2013, don’t stiff us!

Preliminary artwork for CRAWL SPACE

Posted in News on September 18, 2012 by Christian

Terry Sheerer, editor at Horrotica Magazine, has leaked the tentative cover art for CRAWL SPACE, which will include my short story, “Ethyl’s Alcohol.” Horrotica first published the story during 2011 in volume 4, issue 4 of the magazine, and subsequently selected it to be featured in its first-ever anthology.

CRAWL SPACE will be available for Halloween, but I don’t have an exact date yet. I will be sure to let you know when I do, or you can ‘like’ the Horrotica Magazine page on Facebook for the latest updates, but in the meantime, check out the artwork of Dave Lipscomb behind the text on the work-in-progress cover:

The tentative cover for CRAWL SPACE by Dave Lipscomb.


Posted in News on September 14, 2012 by Christian

The cover art for POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS II, edited by Sean Moreland and Aayla Ahmad.

The editors of POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III have announced an anticipated February 2013 release for the literary horror anthology. The third installment of the series, edited by University of Ottawa instructor Sean Moreland and zombie essayist Aalya Ahmad will include my short story, “Thirteen Seconds,” a dystopian tale about a totalitarian state run amok (and they all do, eventually).

Other contributors include Kriscinda Meadows, who graduated from Chatham University’s creative writing program with an MFA, and Texas writer Carly Berg, who has been published by PANK, Eunoia Review, The Front Porch Review, and more.

Paperback copies of POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III will be available directly through the publisher here for $10 CAD each, plus shipping and handling. If you are in or near Ottawa, you will also be able to find the anthology at AllBooks, The Invisible Cinema, and Collected Works Bookstore.