Carly Berg to contribute to POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III

The cover for POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS II, also edited by Sean Moreland and Aalya Ahmad.

POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III, which will include my short story, “Thirteen Seconds,” will also feature a contribution from Texas writer Carly Berg. Ms. Berg’s writing has been accepted by PANK, Eunoia Review, The Front Porch Review, and more. She has a B.A. in English and an M.A. in social work.

I don’t have a complete table of contents yet, as submissions for POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III won’t close until tomorrow, but the editors are saying that they have a lot of great material and are looking forward to what promises to be their best book yet.

POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III will be edited by University of Ottawa instructor Sean Moreland and zombie essayist Aalya Ahmad, who has a PhD in comparative literature from Carleton University.

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