For a limited time, download “The Rights of the Infected,” free!

Now through September 4, download your own Kindle ebook copy of THADD PRESLEY PRESENTS: MURDER, featuring my story, “The Rights of the Infected.”

The book features twenty-three tales of murder and mayhem, some with fantastical or science-fiction bents, and some with terror as straight as a razor. “The Rights of the Infected” puts a new perspective on what a zombie virus could really do, not to people running from a horde, but to a person running away from people.

Here’s a look at the table of contents:

  • “A Million Pieces” by Peggy McFarland
  • “The Colour of Murder” by Dorothy Davies
  • “Helping Out Away From Home” by David S. Pointer
  • “Dinner is in the Dog” by Simon Critchell
  • “Lydia’s Ride” by Sirena M. Gibson
  • “Top of the Heap” by Nathan Robinson
  • “The Birthday Party” by Matthew C. Funk
  • “Without a Witness” by W.C. Sowder
  • “Justifiable Homicide” by Janett L. Grady
  • “Deathbed” by Bruce Memblatt
  • “Prison Torment” by Weston Kincade
  • “Bonsai” by Nate D. Burleigh
  • “Cannibal” by Simon Critchell
  • “No Fear” by Efraim Z. Graves
  • “It Was Dark” by Matt Hatfield
  • “Requiem in a Messy Room” by Bruce Memblatt
  • “The Garden of Eden” by Salena Casha
  • “Miggs” by Simon Critchell
  • “Rubbish Day” by Thadd Presley
  • “Moss Covered Baby Doll” by Thadd Presley
  • “The Rights of the Infected” by Christian A. Larsen
  • “The Fish” by David Perlmutter
  • “Children of Mislaid Hope” by Jason Hughes
  • “Dumped” by Nate D. Burleigh
  • “Lollipop” by Keith G. Laufenberg

THADD PRESLEY PRESENTS: MURDER was edited by Weston Kincade and the cover was designed by Simon Critchell. Pick up a copy today for free, before it’s too late. And when you’re done reading, leave a review.

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