“Freestone” to hit shelves in early 2013

Another Sky Press will release the sci-fi anthology ALIEN SKY, edited by Justin Nicholes and including my short story, “Freestone” in the first quarter of 2013.”Freestone” is my first sci-fi anthology contribution, but the story does have horrific overtones, which isn’t surprising, since horror and sci-fi are literary fraternal twins.

Here is a look at the complete table of contents:

  • “The Machines Change” by Justin Nicholes
  • “Red Dust from His Boots” by Paul Jessup
  • “Crime Is Multiversal” by RCJ Graves
  • “Fetch” by Marshall Moore
  • “Focus” by Brian Koscienski & Chris Pisano
  • “To Mine Blood” by Joe Matar
  • “The Last First” by Guy Salvidge
  • “Chewers” by J. Kelley Anderson
  • “The Promise of Extinction” by Chris White
  • “Residual Humanity” by Joe Jablonski
  • “Freestone” by Christian A. Larsen
  • “Dominance” by Georgina Kamsika
  • “Gordian Knot” by Tom Howard
  • “The Winter of Man” by Jeremy Clymer
  • “Feather Wait” by Doug Donnan
  • “Caves” by Benjamin Christensen
  • “Whistle in the Wind” by Gerry Huntman
  • “Epsom Ipsom” by T. Lloyd Reilly
  • “Aquatic Destiny” by Shane Ward
  • “Whatever Can GOBAD” by Daniel Pearlman
  • “Painting the Stars Red” by Derek Smith
  • “A New Pair of Eyes” by Hunter Liguore

“Freestone” is about a football player who is so good he changes the competitive landscape of the league, but deep down, he really doesn’t want to be a football player at all, and when he finds out why, well, that’s when bad things start to happen.

Another Sky Press operates a little differently than most publishers, and it’s a pretty cool business model. You’ll be able to buy ALIEN SKY through Amazon.com, Powells.com, and BookDepository.com for a fixed price, or you can order it directly through the publisher for the production and shipping costs, plus whatever you think it’s worth. Think of it as the tip for writers who are writing, essentially, for tips. So, come 2013, don’t stiff us!

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