“Short Circuit” to appear in issue 3 of HYPERPULP

HYPERPULP, a Brazilian magazine published in English and Portuguese, will publish my short story, “Short Circuit” on September 30. Edited by Alexandre Mandarino, HYPERPULP specializes in genre fiction, bridging the gap between it’s Brazilian readership and readers around the globe.

My story, based on a hike with my son in the Cook County Forest Preserves where I used to play as a kid, will join a growing roster of writers who have appeared in previous issues of HYPERPULP; writers such as: Liam Sharp, C. C. Finlay, Daniel Pearlman, Gustavo Bandoni, Carlos Orsi, Berit Ellingsen, Cat Rambo, Romeau Martins, and Hansi Linderoth.

Mandarino says that the goal of the magazine is to publish horror, science-fiction, fantasy and westerns with literary integrity–that is, stories that may have a fantastic element to them, but also tell complete, engaging stories. Hopefully, you’ll find this to be the case with “Short Circuit” when it’s published a week from today.

One Response to ““Short Circuit” to appear in issue 3 of HYPERPULP”

  1. Thanks for this post, Chris. Issue 3 will be out a few days late (just a few, really). Day job sometimes gets in the way big time.

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