ZOMBIE JESUS coming this fall

Dark Moon Books Editor Lori Michelle is almost done formatting the upcoming horror anthology, ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES featuring my short story, “Sic Semper Versipellis“. It will be released sometime this fall, with an exact date TBA.

Here is a complete table of contents:

  1. “Damned” by Cody Langille
  2. “The Hunger Beneath the Sea” by T. Fox Dunham
  3. “Saving Cloud-Girl” by Eric J. Hildeman
  4. “Culture Sculptor” by Charlie Fish
  5. “Partners” by Ian Welke
  6. “The Hopeful Doctor” by E.F. Schraeder
  7. Sic Semper Versipellis” by Christian A. Larsen
  8. “Auction” by James Hoch
  9. “The Darwin Line” by James Ciscell
  10. “Victoria, Victoria” by K.M. Indovina
  11. “Those That Knock” by Morgen Knight
  12. “The Journal of USS Indianapolis Survivor: Stefanos “Stevie” Georgiou” by Kevin James Breaux
  13. “Avoid Seeing a Mouse” by James Dorr
  14. “The Golgotha Fight Song” by Barrie Darke
  15. “Legends” by Kristopher Triana

Dark Moon Books has previously published authors such as Ramsey Campbell, Simon Clark, Jack Ketchum, Tim Lebbon, Graham Masterton, Joe McKinney, William F. Nolan, Jeremy C. Shipp, and Joe R. Lansdale, and ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES will continue their bone-chilling legacy.

“The Martyr of liberty…” (Library of Congress, Stern Collection, Rare Book and Special Collections Division.)

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