POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III contributors announced

Editor Sean Moreland has revealed a list of contributors for the upcoming POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III, which promises to be the biggest, most diverse book yet in the series. In addition to my own “Thirteen Seconds,” the list of contributors to the latest volume includes:

  • Jason Wierzba
  • David Newson
  • Kera Willis
  • Kyle Hemmings
  • Frank Roger
  • Karen Robiscoe
  • Canice Caskey
  • Carly Berg
  • Alyssa Cooper
  • Christian A. Larsen
  • James Moran
  • Patrick Roscoe
  • Ralph Robert Moore
  • Alexander Gonzalez
  • Michael Kelly
  • Kriscinda Everitt

POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS promotional poster and volume 2

In the event that any of you are in the Ottawa area, make plans to attend Postscripts to Darkness’s pre-Halloween book bash at Collected Works on October 29th, and hear select contributors read excerpts from each of the first three POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS anthologies.

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