What if…?

The introduction by Max Booth III to ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES from Dark Moon Books and featuring my short story, “Sic Semper Versipellis” is up at the Zombie Jesus Blog.

It’s a question we all ask ourselves. A question that has sparked countless books and movies. A question that unravels our minds and breaks all sense of reality as we know it. What if you could go back in time and change the past? What if you could shape the future as you see fit?

Would you?

What would you change?

What if you traveled back and killed little baby Hitler? Or caused the South to win the Civil War?

What  kind of country would we live in now? Would it be better, or worse? What horrors are awaiting out there in our past, that we just barely avoided?

Forget killing baby Hitler. What if you went back and, knowing what you know today, helped him WIN the war? Where would we be today? We would live in a world that most can’t even imagine without shedding a few tears. We would be in hell.

Think about it. We’ve all read the history books. We all know the stories. But we don’t know it all. We don’t know what the authors let out, or what almost happened but didn’t. And we never will.

Time slips away from us all. Knowledge becomes fuzzy. Our sight of what is true is lost.

Put back on your glasses. Look into what is real.

Stare into those stars of time and ask yourself…

Read the rest of the introduction here.

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