ZOMBIE JESUS giveaway from Dark Moon Books

Lest you break into the cold sweat at the thought of receiving a walking dead messiah figure, I’m talking about the book, here. Max Booth III, editor of ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES, has announced a giveaway of the upcoming anthology for those that post on its official blog. Here’s the skinny:

I am officially announcing an ongoing contest beginning right now.

On the at-the-moment to be announced November release date of Zombie Jesus & Other True Stories, we will be picking five people who have commented on our Zombie Jesus blog to win a prize. It doesn’t matter which post (including this post you’re reading right now), we will be going through every single comment on the site, and putting all the names into a drawing (authors of Zombie Jesus are disqualified, obviously). And yes, your name will be entered more than once if you comment on multiple posts. However, if you comment a bunch of times on one post, it’ll only be entered once for that post. Meaning, you get one vote for each post you comment on. Simple enough.

Commenting on my ExLibrisLarsen.com blog is more than welcome, but will not qualify you for the giveaway. Read the rest of the official rules and enter to win here.

The crazy moose from EVIL DEAD 2 that Max Booth chose to illustrate his blog post. Nice choice!

One Response to “ZOMBIE JESUS giveaway from Dark Moon Books”

  1. Look at this comment. LOOK AT IT. This is my first entry into your contest.

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