CHIRAL MAD … it’s getting close!

Written Backwards has announced that four-time Bram Stoker Award™-winner Thomas F. Monteleone has provided an introduction for CHIRAL MAD called “Fun With Your New Asymmetric Head.”  The anthology will feature 28 short stories, including my own “Mirror Moments.”

Monteleone, who has published more than 100 short stories in numerous magazines and anthologies, has written for the stage and television, having scripts produced for AMERICAN PLAYHOUSE, George A. Romero’s TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, and the Fox network’s NIGHT VISIONS. He has had nothing but nice things to say about CHIRAL MAD, and calls the anthology “collectively compelling” and “brilliant.”

Initial promotion is underway, having begun last month at KillerCon in Las Vegas, where editor Michael Bailey and the following contributors had a lot of fun hanging out (as you can see for yourself in the picture below): Jack Ketchum, Gene O’Neill, Gord Rollo, Aaron J. French, Monica J. O’Rourke, Eric J. Guignard, P. Gardner Goldsmith, and John Palisano.

Eric J. Guignard, Gene O’Neill, P. Gardner Goldsmith, Michael Bailey, Jack Ketchum and Aaron J. French at KillerCon.

Next month at AnthoCon in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Bailey will be on hand with Gary Braunbeck, Jon Michael Kelley, Patrick Lacey, Meghan Arcuri, as well as several contributors from KillerCon. There will be a reading/signing event scheduled for the official release of CHIRAL MAD, and complimentary copies will be handed out to the first 50 to check in. In addition, Bailey will be returning to the “Importance of Art in Fiction” panel again this year, so you’ll probably be seeing the oversized, autographed print of the cover there, too.

Poster size cover for CHIRAL MAD. My signature is not yet written on it. When it is, should it be written backwards?

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