Much sooner than expected … CHIRAL MAD!

Some authors will be at AnthoCon next month to sign CHIRAL MAD.

CHIRAL MAD is now available in paperback, a month before its anticipated release at AnthoCon in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The psychological horror anthology features 28 short stories, including my own “Mirror Moments.” Other contributors include Gord Rollo, Gene O’Neill, and Jack Ketchum, whom Stephen King calls “the scariest guy in America.”

All profits from the sale of CHIRAL MAD will go toward Down syndrome charities, so its fitting the anthology is released during Down Syndrome Awareness Month. You can pick up a paperback copy for just $15 at Electronic copies will follow, but nothing beats ink-and-paper, especially if you want it signed. Several contributors will be attending AnthoCon next month to promote the book’s release, so if you live in New England, be sure to attend. Just don’t have them sign your Kindle.

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