ZOMBIE JESUS leaves its (book)mark at MonsterCon

ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES, featuring my Lincoln assassination story, “Sic Semper Versipellis,” will be released next month by Dark Moon Books, but initial promotion has officially begun, with teaser bookmarks being passed out this weekend at MonsterCon in San Antonio, Texas. See? Imma bookmark!


The names are a little hard to read, so here’s a complete table of contents:

  • “Damned” by Cody Langille
  • “The Hunger Beneath the Sea” by T. Fox Dunham
  • “Saving Cloud-Girl” by Eric J. Hildeman
  • “Culture Sculptor” by Charlie Fish
  • “Partners” by Ian Welke
  • “The Hopeful Doctor” by E.F. Schraeder
  • “Sic Semper Versipellis” by Christian A. Larsen
  • “Auction” by James Hoch
  • “The Darwin Line” by James Ciscell
  • “Victoria, Victoria” by K.M. Indovina
  • “Those That Knock” by Morgen Knight
  • “The Journal of USS Indianapolis Survivor: Stefanos “Stevie” Georgiou” by Kevin James Breaux
  • “Avoid Seeing a Mouse” by James Dorr
  • “The Golgotha Fight Song” by Barrie Darke
  • “Legends” by Kristopher Triana

To be entered to win a free copy, visit the Zombie Jesus blog and comment on any post. And being a native of Chicagoland, I’m happy to see they’re letting you enter as many times as you want (you know, the whole early and often thing), so comment away.

One Response to “ZOMBIE JESUS leaves its (book)mark at MonsterCon”

  1. Dorothea Bentley Says:

    Unlike the common zombie or the common Jesus, Zombie Jesus is notoriously difficult to put down. The garden-variety zombie can be killed by a shovel to the brain, but only the Soviets (or an army of Tyrannosaurs with severely agitated polar bears for arms) could theoretically defeat Zombie Jesus. The Soviets had massive amounts of nuclear waste after the Warm War , so they decided to dump it all over the world. Some time after his resurrection, while shuffling around looking for delectable brains, Zombie Jesus stumbled into a pit of radioactive waste dumped by the Soviets. It instantly absorbed him and mutated him, causing a substantial growth in size and the eruption of tentacles from his sides. This is how the first Kraken was created. Although no longer a zombie, Zombie Jesus Kraken still had a craving for brains and continued terrorizing an unsuspecting and unprepared Earth in search of them. He lived under the sea as a Kraken for many years, but only managed to produce a small number of Krakenlings, which can most likely be attributed to the undead nature of his reproductive system. The small size of his brood is the direct cause of our lack of ship-devouring monsters in the modern day, forcing us instead to watch them sink after hitting an iceberg or something equally as lame and James-Cameron-boner-inducing . After some years of being a Kraken , Zombie Jesus swam into a large deposit of radioactive waste dumped into the ocean by the Soviets. He was mutated back into the form of a man, but was was quickly killed by a Nazi . Despite having lived as a Messiah, a zombie, and a Kraken, he was still a Jew, and Nazis hate Jews.

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