TRUE DARK adds a pair of stories

Two more stories have been added to the table of contents for TRUE DARK, featuring my own “Bleed Through,” from Red Skies Press: “In Screaming Silence” by Chris Hertz, and “Magnum Opus” by John Taylor, Jr.

Coming soon … TRUE DARK from Red Skies Press.


While the order has not been finalized, and Editor Mark Crittenden will likely add further contributors, here is how the table of contents stands so far:

  • “Now I Can See You” by Dorothy Davies
  • “They, The Discarded” by Lee Hughes
  • “Nurse” by Thomas Kearnes
  • “Gas” by James Dorr
  • “An Intriguing Resignation Letter” by Caitlin Hoffman
  • “A Room of Frozen Dust” by Marge B. Simon
  • “Growth Potential” by Jason Barney
  • “What They Learnt in The Dark” by Nicky Peacock
  • “Party Animal” by Ken L. Jones
  • “Bleed Through” by Christian A. Larsen
  • “The Prosecutor” by Richard Jay Goldstein
  • “In Screaming Silence” by Chris Hertz
  • “Magnum Opus” by John Taylor, Jr.

Red Skies Press, which was established in 2010 as a showcase for the work of exceptional authors, will make TRUE DARK available in both print and eBook formats.

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