Hazardous Press to publish “Skin of Blue and Grey”

LOOSE ENDS by Jay Wilburn now available in paperback from Hazardous Press.

My short story, “Skin of Blue and Grey,” has been accepted by Hazardous Press for their upcoming HORRIFIC HISTORY anthology. Editor Robert Helmbrecht describes it as “a disturbing Civil War story of a soldier who comes home unexpectedly.” Very unexpectedly.

HORRIFIC HISTORY, which also includes contributions from Jay Wilburn and T. Fox Dunham, will showcase tales that show us the true horrific story behind historical events, like zombies in the Civil War, vampires in Renaissance Italy, shapeshifters in the ancient Far East, and aliens, demons, and spirits throughout history.

Hazardous Press is also the publisher of Wilburn’s debut novel LOOSE ENDS, which I reviewed here. Other titles in the Hazardous portfolio include:

  • OCTOBER RAIN by Dylan J. Morgan
  • MORTALS ALL by Bruce Golden
  • THE EVER by Hollis Jay
  • NIGHTSCAPES by Erik VanBezooijen
  • AN AIRSHIP NAMED DESIRE by Katherine McIntyre
  • HIS OWN MAD DEMONS by David A. Riley

Watch for HORRIFIC HISTORY in paperback and eBook formats in 2013.

5 Responses to “Hazardous Press to publish “Skin of Blue and Grey””

  1. Hahaa…I was *this* close to submitting a battle of Gettysburg zombie story I wrote a few years ago to this anth. until I did a quick Google search on the publisher. Hrumph. I see they’ve already got one. =P 😉

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