Buy the Horrotica Magazine Anthology (Vol.1) today!

Celebrate Halloween by ordering your copy of HORROTICA MAGAZINE’S first ever print anthology, which includes my short story, “Ethyl’s Alcohol”, originally published online by HORROTICA MAGAZINE in June 2011.

This anthology is not for the faint-of-heart. It features “eleven stories of graphic, raw, jaw-dropping, and mind-bending horrific erotica.”

  • “He Waits” by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc
  • “Shining Within” by Anthony Anderson
  • “Face Scream” by Ash Scott-Lockyer
  • “Ethyl’s Alcohol” by Christian A. Larsen
  • “Man/eater” by Dany Sirene
  • “Thirst of a Thousand” by Garth von Buchholz
  • “A Little Death” by Harry Mora
  • “A Sheep Among Wolves” by Hydra M. Star
  • “Glory Unholy” by Joshua Dobson
  • “Heart of Stone” by Sara Saint John
  • “Dark Wanting”  by Sherri Kirbis

But before you read, heed this warning from Editor Terry D. Scheerer: “Without doubt these stories will tear aside the veil which has previously shaded any erotica with a horror-based theme. Join us on this incredible journey into the darkest side of erotica, although only a few of our travelers’ manage to survive the trip.”

Prepare to be surprised, and terrified.

THE HORROTICA MAGAZINE ANTHOLOGY (VOL. 1), now available for pre-order.

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