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Book Review: LOOSE ENDS by Jay Wilburn

Posted in Book Reviews on October 6, 2012 by Christian

I had the pleasure of reading LOOSE ENDS, the debut novel from author Jay Wilburn and have reviewed it for THE HORROR ZINE.

LOOSE ENDS by Jay Wilburn now available from Hazardous Press.

A good title invites you in, hopefully, to an equally good story. Jay Wilburn’s debut novel, LOOSE ENDS (263 pp., Hazardous Press), is a novel about survivors living in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested wasteland, but before you decide that you’ve read this book before, take another look at the title. It doesn’t say ‘zombie.’ It doesn’t say ‘dead.’ And there’s a reason for that. The people are the story. The living people.

There aren’t that many left, and they aren’t special forces, rock stars, or brain surgeons, either. They’re just three cooks and a mute boy who have been surviving zombie hordes and raider attacks for about ten years and find themselves with no one to cook for anymore. So they decide to find a new place to live.

I often take issue with horror stories in which the characters put themselves at grave risk (usually in the third act, but not always) to keep the excitement up. Chef, Short Order, Doc, and Mutt leave because there’s nothing left for them where they are. Its a genuine, human motivation–believable and real. They go together, and they do it as safely as they can. The dangers they face are unavoidable. Every twist and turn is earned…

Read the rest of the review here.

Edited proof of FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS approved

Posted in News on October 3, 2012 by Christian

The editors of FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS have approved the proof from the layout and design people. Now that the pagination is complete, all that remains is to insert the table of contents, which, aside from my own short story “724,” include the following contributors:

  • Lydia Peever
  • Yarrow Paisley
  • Michael Trudeau
  • Aaron Garrison
  • Sam Minier
  • Doug Murano
  • J.R. Hamantashen
  • B.V. Lawson
  • Paul L. Bates
  • Nick Medina
  • Josh Orkin
  • Robin Dunn
  • Michael Wehunt

The editors are hopeful that sometime later this month, they will start sending out review copies, closely followed by contributor copies, and, after that–FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS will be available for sale to the general public.

Max Booth III interviews Christian A. Larsen

Posted in News on October 1, 2012 by Christian

Max Booth III interviewed me about my contribution to ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES, “Sic Semper Versipellis,” on the Zombie Jesus blog.

Christian Larsen’s story, “Sic Semper Versipellis“, retells a tale we all know: the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. At least, it’s a tale we all thought we knew. After reading this one, we may need to rethink who the real monster was, after all. Mr. Larsen was kind enough to answer a few questions for us all today, so let’s get right down to it. And remember, leave a comment below to enter our ongoing contest, which you can be caught up to be speed with HERE.

So, who the hell are you, and why should we listen to you?

In the words of Arthur Brown, “I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you … FIRE!” Also, I am…

Read the rest of the interview here. And if you don’t know who Arthur Brown is, then treat yourself: