FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND giveaway at LibraryThing

Ebook review copies of FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND, featuring my short story, “The Plagiarist’s Wireless,” are available for giveaway to members of LibraryThing through December 13th. To request your copy, click here and scroll down until you see this cover:

Complimentary copies of FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND are now available at LibraryThing for review.

If you prefer an ink-and-paper copy, FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND is available in paperback from with next day shipping available under most circumstances, so it’d be almost as fast as downloading it to your Kindle. Almost.

Whichever format you’d like, when you’re done reading, please leave a review wherever you got the book. Good, bad, or indifferent–it doesn’t matter. But leaving a review does.

One Response to “FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND giveaway at LibraryThing”

  1. I should do reviews of the stuff I read. I just assume, though, that no one wants to read whatever the hell I’m reading.

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