Win an advance copy of FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS

Goodreads has a chance for U.S. readers to win a free copy of FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS, featuring my short story, “724.” West Pigeon Press will pick five winners from the entries received here before the deadline on November 23rd.

You’ll enjoy the work of these emerging authors:

  • “724” by Christian A. Larsen
  • “The Chopping Block” by Doug Murano
  • “The Persistence of Frondu” by Yarrow Paisley
  • “Bless You” by C. Bryan Brown
  • “A Coat that Fell” by Michael Wehunt
  • “The City Underneath” by Robin Wyatt Dunn
  • “Beside Still Waters” by B.V. Lawson
  • “The Condition She’s In” by Nick Medina
  • “St. Mollusks” by Paul L. Bates
  • “Thicker Than” by Lydia Peever
  • “The Third List” by Samuel Minier
  • “Nothing Bad Has Ever Happened Here” by A.A. Garrison
  • “Oh Abel, Oh Absalom” by J.R. Hamantaschen
  • “Misery Don’t Wait on Me” by Joshua Clark Orkin
  • “Still Life” by Michael Trudeau

While you aren’t required to review FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS if you win a copy, the editors at West Pigeon Press are asking that you do–it’s why they’re giving the books away in the first place. Besides, readers who post reviews on Goodreads are more likely to win advance copies of other books in the future.

If you already bought FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS at, then let us know there what you thought.

Enter to win an advance copy of FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS at

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