Michael C. Keith’s SAD BOY coming in December

Michael C. Keith’s SAD BOY, coming December 2012 from Big Table Publishing.

Last October, I reviewed HOAG’S OBJECT, a sci-fi/horror short story collection by Michael C. Keith. In my critique, I said Keith mixed “healthy doses of dark fiction, dark humor, and triumphant moments so that whatever your tastes, there is sure to be something to your liking…”

Now I see that Big Table Publishing is about to release Keith’s new collection of speculative fiction, SAD BOY, which I expect to be just as enjoyable, given his previous work and the early buzz. Writer Kathleen Kelley Reardon (THE SECRET HANDSHAKE, SHADOW CAMPUS) says “Keith’s skillful writing is as rare as it is superb.” Robert Scotellaro, author of MEASURING THE DISTANCE and THE NIGHT SINGS, says SAD BOY is “a deft and clear-eyed amalgam of love and longing.”

Look for SAD BOY from Michael C. Keith on Amazon in time for Christmas, and get ready to enjoy a well-written and literate collection. A rare treat indeed.

2 Responses to “Michael C. Keith’s SAD BOY coming in December”

  1. mckradio@comcast.net Says:

    Thanks, Chris! Mike

  2. Well-written and literate is exactly what I’m looking for. Too much schlop out there now-a-days—I might just have to snag this. Also, those are the scariest of skinny jeans possible (re: cover).

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