Buy THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE, now 25% off!

Post Mortem Press has lowered the price of THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE and 15 other titles just in time for the holiday shopping season. Click here to find the perfect gift from Post Mortem Press while supporting independent writers like:

  • J. David Anderson (“The Voice in the Box”)
  • Anton Cancre (“Interchangeable Parts”)
  • Kenneth W. Cain (“Rebirth”)
  • Gloria Weber (“Eternal Service”)
  • Joe Hill (“Scheherazade’s Typewriter”)
  • Christian A. Larsen (“The Talent’s in the Bones”)
  • Rose Blackthorn (“Eidiss”)
  • Jonathan Templar (“Love the Ride”)
  • Doug MacKensie (“The Iron Prophet”)
  • Eric J. Guignard (“The Ghost of Ozzie Hobbs”)
  • Kristopher Triana (“Video Express”)
  • Matthew Alan Hughes (“Bad Toys”)
  • Rob Smales (“Photo Finish”)
  • Jay Wilburn (“Watch”)
  • Alexis A. Hunter (“Afterimage”)

And that’s just the contributors to THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE. Sixteen of Post Mortem’s most popular books are now on sale at the publisher’s website, some as low at $5 each, with a simple flat rate shipping charge for US addresses, no matter how many you buy.

Books make an excellent gift and all orders are shipped within two business days. Orders placed through Post Mortem Press before December 10th should arrive before Christmas without issue.

Click on the image below to visit Post Mortem Press and get some holiday shopping done today…

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