Horror World reviews CHIRAL MAD

In a recent Facebook exchange, Jack Ketchum, the man whom Stephen King once called “the scariest guy in America, told me: “Keep writin’, Chris.” It started with Ketchum quoting my CHIRAL MAD contribution, “Mirror Moments” on his Facebook page, so now I know he’s read my stuff, which is quite a thrill.

Ketchum himself contributed the short story, “Amid the Walking Wounded,” to the anthology which is now available for $15 at Amazon.com. Proceeds go toward Down’s syndrome charities, but don’t buy it just because it’s for a good cause. Buy it because its great work for a great cause.

Brian Sammons had some nice things to say about CHIRAL MAD in his review at HORROR WORLD. He started off recommending that you buy the anthology. Stressed the point, in fact, and described all the stories, including “Mirror Moments,” as “well-written.”

He singled out some big names for kudos, like Ketchum, Gary Braunbeck, and Gary McMahon, as well as some terrific emerging talent, such as R.B. Payne, A.A. Garrison, and editor Michael Bailey, who also designed the cover which you can see below in the contributor-autographed poster version:

I want this for my room.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, you should buy CHIRAL MAD.

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  1. […] and it’s mission. CHIRAL MAD has received positive reviews from Kirkus Reviews, Hellnotes, Horror World, Rue Morgue, and the San Francisco Book Review, and proceeds from the sale of the anthology go […]

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