Reader review lauds FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS

The first reader review of FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS was posted November 29th at, and “D. Miller” apparently loves the anthology, which was recently released by West Pigeon Press.

"724" is "one of the most interesting concepts for a story in years..."

“724” is “one of the most interesting concepts for a story in years…”

It’s not often you read a horror short story and think “I’ve Never read anything like this before.” Well, that will change once you get your paws on FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS. One of the most interesting concepts for a story in years greets you at the get-go with “724” by Christian Larsen. Saying anything about it would ruin it, but it’s of the “award-winning” type. “Bless You” by C. Bryan Brown is an uncomfortable, dread-soaked and intelligent read; you know what’s coming and why, but how does it all end? As far as sheer evil, the vile and perfect “A Coat That Fell” by Michael Wehunt is like a bloody brick slapped upside a hungover head. You’ll sweat and taste the palpable fear on the haunting “The Chopping Block” by Doug Murano as well. Although these aren’t the biggest names in horror today, there’s a good chance some of them will be tomorrow.

Buy FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS via today, and when you’re done reading, please be sure to write a review and let everyone know which stories you liked the best, or even what didn’t work for you. It doesn’t have to be long–just a few sentences–but reviews really do make a difference to the writer.


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