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LOSING TOUCH makes PMMP’s 2012 ‘best of’ list

Posted in News on December 29, 2012 by Christian
Perpetual Motion Publishing Machine: Imagination is Infinite

Perpetual Motion Publishing Machine: Imagination is Infinite

LOSING TOUCH, my debut novel, is coming out in mid-2013, but has already made a ‘best of’ list … for 2012! Jay Wilburn, author of LOOSE ENDS which I reviewed here, writes reviews for Perpetual Motion Publishing Machine, and has the following to say about my upcoming book in The PMMP High Five:

Chris Larsen’s first novel Losing Touch is the best work I’ve read this year. It is a bit of a meta-human story and a personal struggle with family drama. I look forward to seeing the final product soon. I know this is technically a 2013 release, but I read it this year and the point of these lists is to give you something to check out in the coming year. This novel will be worth your time.

Jay, Lori Michelle, and Max Booth III also has positive things to say about ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES, FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS, and THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE, each of which feature stories of mine, though they single out other authors, because, well, frankly … they really deserve it (hello, Doug Murano and Rob Smales!). I hope you find LOSING TOUCH to be as deserving when it is released this summer.

Select story titles leaked for POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III

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POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III, featuring my short story, “Thirteen Seconds,” will see international release as a paperback in March, and will feature the work of a number of emerging horror writers.

Some of the titles in the table of contents include “Bone” by Kera Willis, “What They Wore” by Kyle Hemmings, “Request Stop” by Frank Roger, “What Happens in Vegas” by Karen Robiscoe, “Empty Spots” by Carly Berg, “Carl and Monty’s Prairie Wager” by James Moran, “The One Who Always Gets to Sit in a Chair” by Ralph Robert Moore, “Obstruction” by Kriscinda Everitt, and “I’m Almost You” by Stephen McQuiggan.

Other contributing authors include: Jason Philip Wierzba, David Newson, Canice Caskey, Alyssa Cooper, Patrick Roscoe, Alexander Gonzalez, Michael Kelly, Lucas Dawes, and Maj Ikle.

POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III is edited by Sean Moreland and Aalya Ahmad, and copy edited by Ranylt Richildis, with layout and design by Danny Lalonde.

My interview with DOUBLE FEATURE author Owen King

Posted in News on December 26, 2012 by Christian

Earlier this month, I had the chance to interview Owen King, who wrote the collection WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and contributed to and co-edited WHO CAN SAVE US NOW? His first novel, DOUBLE FEATURE, will be published by Scribner in March.

Owen King's DOUBLE FEATURE, coming March 19 from Scribner.

Owen King’s DOUBLE FEATURE, coming March 19 from Scribner.

Christian: You are the youngest of a family of writers. Your parents are novelists Stephen and Tabitha King, your brother is Joe Hill and your sister, Naomi, regularly writes messages for the pulpit at her church in Florida. How did the writers in your family affect your decision to join that profession?

Owen: I think my decision to become a writer was arrived at pretty gradually. Like most kids, I dreamed about playing pro baseball, or gaining superpowers, or somehow making a living playing video games and eating pizza. (Aside: still faintly holding out hope on that last one, to be honest.) If you grow up around writers you see how incredibly time-consuming the endeavor actually is, and, if anything, I suspect that frightened me off for awhile. But, once I did begin to develop a “voice,” I had a sober idea of what I needed to…

Read the rest of the interview in the January issue of THE HORROR ZINE.


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“Horror should leave a stain. Horror should leave a scar. It should change people. It should teach, for good or ill. All the stories I’ve loved best are like that.” – Gemma Files, from an interview by James K. Moran

POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III, featuring my short story, “Thirteen Seconds,” will be released in March. In anticipation of this, the official POSTCSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS website is posting excerpts and samples from the anthology, and rumor has it, there will also be a launch party.

To begin the celebration, here is an excerpt from Patrick Roscoe’s “The Palm at the end of the Mind,” which you can also find on the PstD3 page:



As we travel between dark, silent houses of whitewashed earth, I feel little curiosity regarding our destination. I’m prepared to follow this small boy indefinitely. My eyes are fixed on the back of his bobbing head. I’m conscious of a longing to see his face, and of how, with each moment, this desire builds into need. I wonder why the broken dirt road, littered with stones and glinting shards of glass, doesn’t seem to hurt the boy’s bare feet. The road slopes gradually down through a gorge; banks rise on either side, growing higher with each step, until it appears we are tunneling deeper and deeper. The ground will never flatten, widen, open upon broad landscape again. A dog trots by with an extended tongue; there’s a sudden stench of decay. The small boy walks increasingly swiftly. Perhaps he has forgotten I follow; he no longer pauses or glances back. It’s not easy to keep up. Now my guide seems to flit rapidly across the ground, or just above the surface. For a second, until I blink, I believe he runs on all fours.

Pretty good, no? The complete list of contributors includes: Jason Wierzba, David Newson, Kera Willis, Kyle Hemmings, Frank Roger, Karen Robiscoe, Canice Caskey, Carly Berg, Alyssa Cooper, Christian A. Larsen (that’s me!), James Moran, Patrick Roscoe, Ralph Robert Moore, Alexander Gonzalez, Michael Kelly, and Kriscinda Everitt.

CHIRAL MAD tops London Book Festival’s compilations & anthologies

Posted in News on December 23, 2012 by Christian
CHIRAL MAD wins another laurel.

CHIRAL MAD wins another laurel.

The accolades keep coming for CHIRAL MAD, featuring my short story, “Mirror Moments.” The anthology, edited by Michael Bailey, has won the award for compilations and anthologies at the 2012 London Book Festival. Earlier this year, the anthology from Written Backwards received honorable mention in the Halloween Book Fest Awards held in Hollywood, California.

As had been previously announced on this site, CHIRAL MAD was an award finalist in two categories (Best Cover Design: Fiction, and Fiction: Anthologies) for the 2012 USA Best Book Awards. And the book is up for Anthology of the Year by This is Horror. The polls close January 4, and you can cast your ballot simply by emailing your top two choices to

CHIRAL MAD is making the rounds, turning up in countries as far from my home as Finland, Australia, and South Africa. I am proud to be associated with this book for so many reasons (the cover design and editing by Michael Bailey, the marquee authors, and the other relative newcomers who’ve made it such a terrific read), but I think I’m most proud of the fact that since its release, CHIRAL MAD has raised over $3000 for Down’s syndrome charities. A great book. A great cause.

Piers Anthony contributes foreword to LOSING TOUCH

Posted in News on December 22, 2012 by Christian
First edition cover of Piers Anthony's A SPELL FOR CHAMELEON.

First edition cover of Piers Anthony’s A SPELL FOR CHAMELEON.

Piers Anthony, who’s work has appeared on the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller list 21 times, has written the foreword to my upcoming novel, LOSING TOUCH, coming this summer from Post Mortem Press.

Anthony contributed the chilling “Lost Things” to WHAT FEARS BECOME FROM THE HORROR ZINE, which was the first paperback anthology in which my work appeared. My history with Anthony goes further back than that, though. About 25 years ago, I read A SPELL FOR CHAMELEON, the first in his enduringly popular Xanth series and fell in love with his quirky, irreverent, and in many ways, tellingly-honest brand of high fantasy, and thereafter read as many of his books as I could lay hands on.

Aside from his fiction, Anthony maintains an Internet Publishers Survey to help new writers find publishers for their work. For this service, he won the 2003 “Friend of EPIC” award for service to the electronic publishing community. His website won the Special Recognition for Service to Writers award from Preditors & Editors™, an author’s guide to publishers and writing services.

I’ll leave the foreword for the book, but I will share this from an email he sent to me: “I seldom see a novel with things like defecation honestly addressed. It’s about time.” So now you have an idea what kind of book LOSING TOUCH is going to be. Shitty.

LOSING TOUCH coming mid-2013!

Posted in News on December 21, 2012 by Christian

This one’s right up there with “we’re getting married” and “it’s a boy.” Post Mortem Press is publishing my debut novel, LOSING TOUCH, with a tentative release date set for mid-June 2013.

Morgan Dunsmore is an out-of-work copywriter in Northport, Illinois, who has mounting bills, two kids, and a wife recovering from back surgery. With his life teetering and unable to sustain any more turmoil, he begins to lose his tangibility–a phenomenon that comes and goes like hiccups. At first. As Morgan copes with his condition, he teaches himself its limitations as well as its infinite possibilities, leading to everything from wish fulfillment to Robin Hood thievery, but drifts inexorably away from his family–the one thing he wanted so badly to protect and keep.

LOSING TOUCH coming June 2013.

LOSING TOUCH coming soon from Post Mortem Press.

I have so many people to thank right now (with official acknowledgements to come in the book), I’m sure I’ll miss a few: my wife, Maureen, who’s read this thing more times than I have–and caught about a bajillion typos, my mom, dad, and brother who always read a new chapter as soon as they came, Jay Wilburn for beta reading and not sparing my feelings, Jeani Rector, editor at THE HORROR ZINE for being a mentor and a friend in the biz, my oldest and best friend Rob Kleiner, for giving me the courage to actually do this damned thing, and of course, Eric Beebe, for accepting the book.

Post Mortem Press previously published my story, “The Talent’s in the Bones” in THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE featuring “Scheherazade’s Typewriter” by Joe Hill. They’ve also published the work of bestselling authors like Jack Ketchum, Harlan EllisonLucky McKee, Jonathan MaberryF. Paul Wilson, and Clive Barker.

As exciting as this is for me personally and professionally, I’m even more excited to see this take shape, and go through the experience of seeing the book actually come together over the next six months or so, at which point I’ll be able to say “it’s a book!” I guess it really won’t be so different from the birth of my boys.

THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE will satisfy your “hunger for horror”

Posted in Book Reviews, News on December 20, 2012 by Christian

Kristen Houghton has written a review of THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE, featuring my short story, “The Talent’s in the Bones” published today by The Horror Zine.

Body parts, particularly bones, haunt "The Talent's in the Bones" by Christian A. Larsen.

Body parts, particularly bones, haunt “The Talent’s in the Bones” by Christian A. Larsen.

There is something vastly satisfying in reading a short story. An anthology of stories is a quick reader and book lover’s fix. With time constraints and the need for brief moments of respite from hectic lives, a book of short stories is a perfect fit.

Of course as with any fiction, a short story has to be a pleasurable read; you need to feel involved even for only a brief time and that is what happens when reading THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE. I am happy to say that the short story is alive and well in this steam punk anthology I am reviewing.

What exactly is ‘steam punk’ you might ask? Steam punk is a unique genre of science fiction that typically features some type of machinery, steam powered or otherwise, that has a sinister anthropomorphic effect on humanity. THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE follows this description perfectly. Machines, even small ones, rule here. Imbuing machines with sinister intent is a hallmark of many great short stories and the tales written here are no exception.

The book is neatly sectioned into the Past, the Present, and the Future with the stories in each nicely blending into their time frames. An insightful introduction by author Patrick Scalisi who edited the book, leads you seamlessly into a world where the writers have taken seemingly innocuous machines and…

Read the rest of the review here.

The San Francisco Book Review gives CHIRAL MAD four stars

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The San Francisco Book Review has given CHIRAL MAD, including my short story, “Mirror Moments” four stars, saying it “is the perfect book for fans of psychological horror, people who like to be truly bothered rather than splashed with blood and gore.”

Have you ever read a story that is subtly unsettling? A story that dislodges you from an anchored sense of time and place and leaves you feeling fascinated but somehow wrong? This collection is full of stories like that.

These short stories do not present a full-frontal assault. They are sneaky, luring you in before crawling under your skin. Built around the idea of chirality, when something is not identical to its mirror image, this book focuses heavily on scenarios in which reality is obfuscated: dreams, hallucinations, unknown identities. This creates a sense of unease; there is no way of knowing which way is up or what is real. Instead of presenting a story from start to finish, these authors immerse you in their worlds and take you on terrifying journeys through psychosis, medically-induced hazes, mysterious carnivals, and so much more.

My favorite story of the collection…

Read the rest of the review here. Then please vote for CHIRAL MAD for the 2012 This is Horror anthology of the year award by emailing your first and second choices to with the subject line ‘Awards 2012 Votes’. A full ballot of nominees can be found here.

The San Francisco Book Review gives CHIRAL MAD four stars.

The San Francisco Book Review gives CHIRAL MAD four stars.

CHIRAL MAD nominated for 2012 This is Horror award

Posted in News on December 19, 2012 by Christian

CHIRAL MAD, edited by Michael Bailey, has been nominated for the 2012 This is Horror award in the anthology category. Featuring my story, “Mirror Moments,” the book is facing fierce competition from four other worthy nominees:

  • Terror Tales of the Cotswolds, edited by Paul Finch
  • The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories, edited by Ann and Jeff Vandemeer
  • The Best Horror of the Year Volume 4, edited by Ellen Datlow
  • The Mammoth Book of Body Horror, edited by Paul Kane and Marie O’Regan

To vote, email with the subject line ‘Awards 2012 Votes’. Just write the category and your vote for each award. CHIRAL MAD is in the anthology category, but there are also categories for novels, films, TV series, comics, short stories, publishers, magazines, events, soundtracks, podcasts, video games, artists, and tattoo artists.

Vote for CHIRAL MAD for the 2012 This is Horror Award in the anthology category.

Vote for CHIRAL MAD for the 2012 This is Horror Award in the anthology category.

You are allowed to vote for your top two in each category, formatted like this:


1. First choice
2. Second choice

Second place votes will be used in the unlikely event that there is a tie. Click here for more information on the awards and categories.

Voting closes at 12:01am GMT on Friday 4 January 2013.