Read “Short Circuit” in latest HYPERPULP

“Short Circuit,” a short story I wrote after going on a hike in the woods with my oldest son, is now available in the latest edition of HYPERPULP, a bilingual English/Portuguese magazine published in Brazil. Download the issue for free as a .pdf by clicking here.

Issue 3 of HYPERPULP also features fiction by Aliette de Bodard, Tobias Buckell, Luiz Bras, Nancy Fulda, Frank Roger, Jay Caselberg, Rachael Bundock, KJ Hannah Greenberg, Yarrow Paisley (who contributed “The Persistence of Frondu” to FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS, which also features my “724”), Benjamin Kensey, and Sylvia Spruck Wrigley.

The fantastic cover design was by Leandra Lambert:


Hyperpulp is the only Brazilian magazine that promotes communication between English and Portuguese-speaking authors, with new translations, interviews and portfolios. If you like speculative fiction, please help to spread the word about the magazine on Facebook, Twitter, or at the bus stop, if the opportunity presents itself.

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