Teaser cover for THE DARKNESS WITHIN

Prelim artwork for THE DARKNESS WITHIN

Prelim artwork for THE DARKNESS WITHIN, coming soon from Indigo Mosaic Publishing

Indigo Mosaic has released a teaser cover thumbnail (pictured right) for it’s THE DARKNESS WITHIN, featuring my short story, “Doppel-Änger.”

Other contributing authors include Marcel Admiraal, author of the short story collection BENEATH DARK WATERS, Damien Keith, author of the novel SHADOW OF THE CITY, Jenni Wiltz, author of THE ROMANOV LEGACY, and Linda Adams, author of “Six Bullets.”

Have you ever been so angry, so frustrated with impotent rage, that you felt like you might just split in half? Or (maybe) worse, split someone else in half? “Doppel-Änger” explores the bitter end of runaway rage.

THE DARKNESS WITHIN will be available in 2013 as a perfect-bound paperback via Amazon.com.

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