Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing reviews FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS

Jay Wilburn has written a review of FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS, including my short story, “724,” for Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, describing the anthology as “full of moments of spectacular greatness.”

FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS, now available in paperback and eBook from

FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS, now available in paperback and eBook from

FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS is an anthology of dark fiction with West Pigeon Press. The structure of the book is focused around the stories and the authors telling them. This mission in the publication by West Pigeon comes through clearly in several ways.

The anthology is described as genre defying. This phrase is thrown around so often now that “genre defying” should be its own genre with a little placard on the shelves in the brick-and-mortar bookstores. Here I’ll grant that this anthology has thoroughly earned the distinction it claims.

The tone of the complete experience in reading these stories is dark and emotionally deep. There are many cityscapes, isolated characters, and human explorations. The themes of life and death, health and disease, or loss and pain are important in many of the stories. Each story begins with power and mind-capturing details. Even the stories that were not my favorites were mesmerizing in the scope and art of the tellings.

There are stories in this anthology that I will read again and I have no time in my life to be reading anything twice.

As the title implies, these stories attempt to pull away the thin barrier between us and the face of things we might prefer to keep hidden.

If you are a reader that is desperate to understand all the hidden details of a story, I would recommend reading the Post-scripts and Author Bios at the end of the anthology. I’m sure there are authors from this table of contents that you will want to read more of their work. There are some insights as well that can create better understanding of the more elusive tales.

Christian A. Larsen leads off the anthology which does not surprise me…

Read the rest of the review here.

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