The San Francisco Book Review gives CHIRAL MAD four stars

The San Francisco Book Review has given CHIRAL MAD, including my short story, “Mirror Moments” four stars, saying it “is the perfect book for fans of psychological horror, people who like to be truly bothered rather than splashed with blood and gore.”

Have you ever read a story that is subtly unsettling? A story that dislodges you from an anchored sense of time and place and leaves you feeling fascinated but somehow wrong? This collection is full of stories like that.

These short stories do not present a full-frontal assault. They are sneaky, luring you in before crawling under your skin. Built around the idea of chirality, when something is not identical to its mirror image, this book focuses heavily on scenarios in which reality is obfuscated: dreams, hallucinations, unknown identities. This creates a sense of unease; there is no way of knowing which way is up or what is real. Instead of presenting a story from start to finish, these authors immerse you in their worlds and take you on terrifying journeys through psychosis, medically-induced hazes, mysterious carnivals, and so much more.

My favorite story of the collection…

Read the rest of the review here. Then please vote for CHIRAL MAD for the 2012 This is Horror anthology of the year award by emailing your first and second choices to with the subject line ‘Awards 2012 Votes’. A full ballot of nominees can be found here.

The San Francisco Book Review gives CHIRAL MAD four stars.

The San Francisco Book Review gives CHIRAL MAD four stars.

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