LOSING TOUCH coming mid-2013!

This one’s right up there with “we’re getting married” and “it’s a boy.” Post Mortem Press is publishing my debut novel, LOSING TOUCH, with a tentative release date set for mid-June 2013.

Morgan Dunsmore is an out-of-work copywriter in Northport, Illinois, who has mounting bills, two kids, and a wife recovering from back surgery. With his life teetering and unable to sustain any more turmoil, he begins to lose his tangibility–a phenomenon that comes and goes like hiccups. At first. As Morgan copes with his condition, he teaches himself its limitations as well as its infinite possibilities, leading to everything from wish fulfillment to Robin Hood thievery, but drifts inexorably away from his family–the one thing he wanted so badly to protect and keep.

LOSING TOUCH coming June 2013.

LOSING TOUCH coming soon from Post Mortem Press.

I have so many people to thank right now (with official acknowledgements to come in the book), I’m sure I’ll miss a few: my wife, Maureen, who’s read this thing more times than I have–and caught about a bajillion typos, my mom, dad, and brother who always read a new chapter as soon as they came, Jay Wilburn for beta reading and not sparing my feelings, Jeani Rector, editor at THE HORROR ZINE for being a mentor and a friend in the biz, my oldest and best friend Rob Kleiner, for giving me the courage to actually do this damned thing, and of course, Eric Beebe, for accepting the book.

Post Mortem Press previously published my story, “The Talent’s in the Bones” in THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE featuring “Scheherazade’s Typewriter” by Joe Hill. They’ve also published the work of bestselling authors like Jack Ketchum, Harlan EllisonLucky McKee, Jonathan MaberryF. Paul Wilson, and Clive Barker.

As exciting as this is for me personally and professionally, I’m even more excited to see this take shape, and go through the experience of seeing the book actually come together over the next six months or so, at which point I’ll be able to say “it’s a book!” I guess it really won’t be so different from the birth of my boys.

One Response to “LOSING TOUCH coming mid-2013!”

  1. You couldn’t have done it without me. Yes you could, but aren’t you glad you didn’t have to?

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