Piers Anthony contributes foreword to LOSING TOUCH

First edition cover of Piers Anthony's A SPELL FOR CHAMELEON.

First edition cover of Piers Anthony’s A SPELL FOR CHAMELEON.

Piers Anthony, who’s work has appeared on the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller list 21 times, has written the foreword to my upcoming novel, LOSING TOUCH, coming this summer from Post Mortem Press.

Anthony contributed the chilling “Lost Things” to WHAT FEARS BECOME FROM THE HORROR ZINE, which was the first paperback anthology in which my work appeared. My history with Anthony goes further back than that, though. About 25 years ago, I read A SPELL FOR CHAMELEON, the first in his enduringly popular Xanth series and fell in love with his quirky, irreverent, and in many ways, tellingly-honest brand of high fantasy, and thereafter read as many of his books as I could lay hands on.

Aside from his fiction, Anthony maintains an Internet Publishers Survey to help new writers find publishers for their work. For this service, he won the 2003 “Friend of EPIC” award for service to the electronic publishing community. His website won the Special Recognition for Service to Writers award from Preditors & Editors™, an author’s guide to publishers and writing services.

I’ll leave the foreword for the book, but I will share this from an email he sent to me: “I seldom see a novel with things like defecation honestly addressed. It’s about time.” So now you have an idea what kind of book LOSING TOUCH is going to be. Shitty.

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