My interview with DOUBLE FEATURE author Owen King

Earlier this month, I had the chance to interview Owen King, who wrote the collection WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and contributed to and co-edited WHO CAN SAVE US NOW? His first novel, DOUBLE FEATURE, will be published by Scribner in March.

Owen King's DOUBLE FEATURE, coming March 19 from Scribner.

Owen King’s DOUBLE FEATURE, coming March 19 from Scribner.

Christian: You are the youngest of a family of writers. Your parents are novelists Stephen and Tabitha King, your brother is Joe Hill and your sister, Naomi, regularly writes messages for the pulpit at her church in Florida. How did the writers in your family affect your decision to join that profession?

Owen: I think my decision to become a writer was arrived at pretty gradually. Like most kids, I dreamed about playing pro baseball, or gaining superpowers, or somehow making a living playing video games and eating pizza. (Aside: still faintly holding out hope on that last one, to be honest.) If you grow up around writers you see how incredibly time-consuming the endeavor actually is, and, if anything, I suspect that frightened me off for awhile. But, once I did begin to develop a “voice,” I had a sober idea of what I needed to…

Read the rest of the interview in the January issue of THE HORROR ZINE.

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