“Horror should leave a stain. Horror should leave a scar. It should change people. It should teach, for good or ill. All the stories I’ve loved best are like that.” – Gemma Files, from an interview by James K. Moran

POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III, featuring my short story, “Thirteen Seconds,” will be released in March. In anticipation of this, the official POSTCSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS website is posting excerpts and samples from the anthology, and rumor has it, there will also be a launch party.

To begin the celebration, here is an excerpt from Patrick Roscoe’s “The Palm at the end of the Mind,” which you can also find on the PstD3 page:



As we travel between dark, silent houses of whitewashed earth, I feel little curiosity regarding our destination. I’m prepared to follow this small boy indefinitely. My eyes are fixed on the back of his bobbing head. I’m conscious of a longing to see his face, and of how, with each moment, this desire builds into need. I wonder why the broken dirt road, littered with stones and glinting shards of glass, doesn’t seem to hurt the boy’s bare feet. The road slopes gradually down through a gorge; banks rise on either side, growing higher with each step, until it appears we are tunneling deeper and deeper. The ground will never flatten, widen, open upon broad landscape again. A dog trots by with an extended tongue; there’s a sudden stench of decay. The small boy walks increasingly swiftly. Perhaps he has forgotten I follow; he no longer pauses or glances back. It’s not easy to keep up. Now my guide seems to flit rapidly across the ground, or just above the surface. For a second, until I blink, I believe he runs on all fours.

Pretty good, no? The complete list of contributors includes: Jason Wierzba, David Newson, Kera Willis, Kyle Hemmings, Frank Roger, Karen Robiscoe, Canice Caskey, Carly Berg, Alyssa Cooper, Christian A. Larsen (that’s me!), James Moran, Patrick Roscoe, Ralph Robert Moore, Alexander Gonzalez, Michael Kelly, and Kriscinda Everitt.

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