LOSING TOUCH makes PMMP’s 2012 ‘best of’ list

Perpetual Motion Publishing Machine: Imagination is Infinite

Perpetual Motion Publishing Machine: Imagination is Infinite

LOSING TOUCH, my debut novel, is coming out in mid-2013, but has already made a ‘best of’ list … for 2012! Jay Wilburn, author of LOOSE ENDS which I reviewed here, writes reviews for Perpetual Motion Publishing Machine, and has the following to say about my upcoming book in The PMMP High Five:

Chris Larsen’s first novel Losing Touch is the best work I’ve read this year. It is a bit of a meta-human story and a personal struggle with family drama. I look forward to seeing the final product soon. I know this is technically a 2013 release, but I read it this year and the point of these lists is to give you something to check out in the coming year. This novel will be worth your time.

Jay, Lori Michelle, and Max Booth III also has positive things to say about ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES, FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS, and THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE, each of which feature stories of mine, though they single out other authors, because, well, frankly … they really deserve it (hello, Doug Murano and Rob Smales!). I hope you find LOSING TOUCH to be as deserving when it is released this summer.

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