Coming in 2013…

A FEAST OF FRIGHTS was my first really big publication in 2012.

A FEAST OF FRIGHTS was my first really big publication in 2012.

I was part of a number of terrific anthologies in 2012, and I mean terrific in both the common sense of the word, and the etymological sense of “frightening.” Most notable were A FEAST OF FRIGHTS (The Horror Zine), THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE (Post Mortem Press), FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND (Omnium Gatherum), CHIRAL MAD (Written Backwards), ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES (Dark Moon Books), and FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS (West Pigeon Press).

If you haven’t read these anthologies, you really should. They’re filled with great authors whom I’ve met in the past year, either virtually or through their writing: Shaun Meeks, Eric J. Guignard, Jay Wilburn, Rose Blackthorn, Brent Michael Kelley, Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi, Jon Michael Kelley, Michael Bailey, T. Fox Dunham, Barrie Darke, C. Bryan Brown and Doug Murano. (I missed some names, I know, but I love you all…)

While I have shifted the focus of my writing somewhat from short stories to novel-length fiction, I will be appearing in a number of anthologies in 2013, some of which include: ALIEN SKY (Another Sky Press), DARK LIGHT 3 (Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing), ZIPPERED FLESH 2 (Smart Rhino Publications), and POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS III (PstD).

But the biggest thing, the most exciting thing that happened to me in 2012, is that Post Mortem Press accepted my debut novel, LOSING TOUCH, featuring a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Piers Anthony. Work has already begun on the packaging of the manuscript and I’m told LOSING TOUCH should be available in late spring/early summer of 2013. For me, it’s going to be a long wait this winter and spring…

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