HORRIFIC HISTORY adds more stories

"Skin of Blue and Grey" to feature in HORRIFIC HISTORY from Hazardous Press.

“Skin of Blue and Grey” to feature in HORRIFIC HISTORY from Hazardous Press.

Hazardous Press, which has accepted my short story, “Skin of Blue and Grey” for it’s upcoming anthology, HORRIFIC HISTORY, has added three more short stories to the ever-growing table of contents.

David Williamson will contribute “10 Weeks”, a re-telling of the story behind Jack the Ripper. Hazardous Press will also soon be publishing a collection of Williamson’s short fiction. His stories have appeared in many anthologies, including BLACK BOOK OF HORROR and PAN BOOK OF HORROR STORIES.

Monette Bebow-Reinhard’s “Lightning” will also feature. “Lightning” is a Civil War story about Arabus Drake, a Greek vampire or vrykolakas (pronounced vre-KOL-ekus). The story is a tie-in to Bebow-Reinhard’s novel, FOR LOVE OF VRYKOLAKAS. She has also written a non-fiction book called CIVIL WAR & BLOODY PEACE.

Gwendolyn Edward wrote “The Vercelli Book” for HORRIFIC HISTORY. It’s about the creation of one of the four most important Old English codices. Edward has been published in a variety of publications, and she also edits and publishes the literary genre publication DEIMOS EZINE.

HORRIFIC HISTORY, edited by Robert Helmbrecht, will also feature fiction from Rose Blackthorn (Skraelings), Jay Wilburn (“Securing the Empire”), T. Fox Dunham (“Valley of the Dead Trees”), Adam Millard (“Lucan”), Ken MacGregor (“Giving Thanks”), Pete Aldin (“Mud”), Emerian Rich (“Prettiest Things”), Rebecca L. Brown (“Lindisfarne”) and D. Alexander Ward (“The Blackest Rite”).

Hazardous Press also published Wilburn’s debut novel LOOSE ENDS in 2012, which I reviewed here.

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