Rue Morgue calls CHIRAL MAD “darkly disturbing”

RUE MORGUE: "get your claws on" CHIRAL MAD.

RUE MORGUE says to “get your claws on” CHIRAL MAD.

Jessa Sobczuk has written a glowing review of CHIRAL MAD, which features my short story, “Mirror Moments,” for issue #130 of RUE MORGUE, one of the premiere magazines covering horror in culture and entertainment.

So much of CHIRAL MAD: AN ANTHOLOGY OF PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR is not what is seems. Filled with unreliable narrators, nightmarish visions, themes of mental illness and explorative tales which trawl dark regions of the human psyche, this collection edited by award-winning author (and contributor) Michael Bailey is a must-read for horror fans of every ilk.

The contributors are a mix of well-known scribes and horror newcomers, but each has a distinct voice and take on a theme. Some stories are intensely visceral and immediate, such as…


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  1. […] mission. CHIRAL MAD has received positive reviews from Kirkus Reviews, Hellnotes, Horror World, Rue Morgue, and the San Francisco Book Review, and proceeds from the sale of the anthology go toward […]

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