Reviews from Shock Totem, Stygian editor for FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS

John Boden: FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS is "well worth your time and money."

John Boden: FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS is “well worth your time and money.”

John Boden of SHOCK TOTEM and R. Scott McCoy of Stygian Publications have both written positive reviews of FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS, featuring my short story, “724.” In his review, Boden writes:

FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS is the second release from West Pigeon Press, the first being the Hamantaschen collection [YOU SHALL NEVER KNOW SECURITY]. While the previous is a single-author collection, FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS is an anthology featuring work by fifteen authors, Hamantaschen included. It contains some brilliant work, as well as a few that left me shaking my head. Christian A. Larsen’s “724” gives us a scenario we’ve read before but delivered in a very strong way…

Click here for the rest of Boden’s review, where he spotlights the work of Doug Murano, Yarrow Paisley, Michael Wehunt, and Samuel Minier.

McCoy’s review praises the anthology for its diversity and calls it “a very solid collection”. He writes:

There are two basics types of anthologies, themed and open. This is an open collection, which I prefer. Define too specific of a theme and you get a lot of the same, and despite the quality, I like variety in my short fiction. There is plenty of variety here, with stories to please everyone’s taste. My favorite is…

Read the rest of the review here. And if you haven’t already, pick up a copy of FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS and post a review of the anthology, featuring:

I may be biased, but every one of them is worth a read if you like your horror disturbing, and not clever but thoughtful. FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS will stay with you…

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