The Lucky Seven meme (or, “tag, I’m it!”)

the-lucky-7-memeTaylor Grant, whom I came to know through our mutual association in the anthology, A FEAST OF FRIGHTS, and Rob Smales, who shared pages with me in THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE, have tagged me in the Lucky Seven meme. The rules are simple: if you are tagged, you are to deliver seven lines from page seven or 77 of your latest work. And then you’re supposed to tag seven more authors.

The following is from page seven of my first novel, LOSING TOUCH, which is debuting at the Post Mortem Press table during the World Horror Convention in New Orleans June 13-16 and will feature a foreword by Piers Anthony.

Morgan realized how much he needed to give them a hug. And he should probably say ‘hi’ to his parents, too.

He stood up, and he felt something wet and cold on his back under his shirt. He untucked it from his belt, and he saw his second impossibility of the day. Several mouthfuls of chewed apple fell onto the fitted bed sheet. It looked like about half an apple–the half he wasn’t hungry for.

His heart galloped as he patted down his lower back with both hands.

And now to tag seven more authors who are far worthier than I am to share passages from their work: David Anderson, Doug MuranoMarshall Stein, T. Fox DunhamRobert EssigMichael Bailey, and John McCuaig, who’s latest novel, FALLEN ANGEL, officially debuts today!

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