THE DARKNESS WITHIN, now available at

THE DARKNESS WITHIN, now available at

THE DARKNESS WITHIN, featuring my short story, “Doppel-Änger,” is now available at Edited by Catherine May, the anthology features several talented authors with whom I’ve appeared before. Lala Drona wrote “Gnaw” in WHAT FEARS BECOME, Christian Riley wrote “Reaching Out” in A FEAST OF FRIGHTS, Patrick O’Neill wrote “Alderway” in CHIRAL MAD, and A.A. Garrison contributed to two books in which I also appear: “The Bad Season” in CHIRAL MAD and “Nothing Bad Has Ever Happened Here” in FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS.

Now is my chance to discover new writers, new stories, and new terrors with the following:

From the back cover of THE DARKNESS WITHIN: “CHILLING… tales of madness, evil, perversity, and more; tales of all that which is not well within human nature. Pushing the boundaries, our dakr sides are explored in a collection of stories which strips us bare of the veneer of civilisation. Enjoy… if you dare…”

5 Responses to “Buy THE DARKNESS WITHIN at”

  1. Hi – you’ve linked to the wrong Cathy Bryant here! I wrote ‘The Madness of Lucy Montag’ and my website is here: .

  2. Many thanks! that was quick! 🙂

  3. I’ve been trying to buy the book, but i don’t think it’s available in the UK, sadly.

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