SFRevu critiques CHIRAL MAD

CHIRAL MAD will give you "many hours of excellent, fascinating reading."

CHIRAL MAD will give you “many hours of excellent, fascinating reading.”

Mario Guslandi of SFRevu has written a favorable review of CHIRAL MAD, featuring my short story, “Mirror Moments.”

This anthology of psychological horror has three distinct features. First of all the title is extremely puzzling, unless you know (I didn’t) that in chemistry the word chiralitydescribes an asymmetry of the molecules or more exactly a state where an object is not identical to its mirror image or cannot be superposed onto itself. Not clear enough? Never mind. The second peculiar aspect is that all the writers contributing either original stories or reprints, are not receiving any royalties because all profit from sales go directly to Down syndrome charities. Last, but not least, the average quality of the included tales is extremely high.

Needless to say not all of the twenty-eight stories assembled by editor Michael Bailey are memorable, some are, as in any anthology, just run-of-the-mill material, but most are quite remarkable and many are really outstanding. Furthermore, to confirm the continuous good health of the horror genre, the best contributions are…

Read the rest of the review here. Then buy the book here and read the following stories by my fellow contributors and me:

Published by Written Backwards, all profits from the sales of CHIRAL MAD go directly to Down’s syndrome charities.

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