Review: “724” has “a definitive ‘pow’ of a punchline!”

Kate Onyett has posted a review of FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS from West Pigeon Press, giving it four stars. Onyett says that my story, “724”, delivers a “final [summation] that wraps up the action in a one-liner finish.”

And so to delve into a collection of tall tales of different genres, by different writers, in different styles, all bound up, according to publisher’s (West Pigeon Press (WPP)) back-cover blurb by their depiction of “resonant, unbridled dark fiction.” I seek to determine what ‘dark fiction’ is meant by this book, and therefore if it does, indeed, ‘resonate’ with life.

Kate Onyett reviews FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS.

Kate Onyett reviews FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS.

Universally shared emotion transcends cultural norms, values and social detail, which change with successive generations towards a new bias. People have not essentially evolved beyond what our ancestors of many years ago would recognise as sad, happy, angry, hungry (etc); even if the prompts for the emotion have changed colours. Dark fiction has the leeway to dispense with many of the trappings of formal narrative and weighs in unashamedly on this emotional landscape, creating a shared experience. It is fiction to induce a reaction, to jog a specifically emotional ejaculation from the consciousness. A lot of `dark’ fiction currently marketed is basically horror-pornography; sexing up monsters and the undead. But given the visceral nature of such, this is also `dark’ in that it wants to delve into feelings, into reaction. Literature is the `light’ to `dark’ fiction; it seeks to involve the mind, the consciousness. Emotional interaction with literature, whether high or low-brow, is the recognition of a social construct that defines and describes the self as part of that conformity. `Dark’ fiction goes for the emotional jugular; and connects author, reader, and society through recognition of experience. It’s one heck of a brief to live up to.

Dealing first with the collection as a publishing whole, it is a very pleasant change to come across an anthology of consistent quality from…

Read the rest of the review here. Click here to buy FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS and leave a review of your own.

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