THE GLASS COIN to publish “Sight Unseen”

THE GLASS COIN to publish "Sight Unseen."

Watch for “Sight Unseen”, coming to THE GLASS COIN.

I wrote a flash piece of weird science fiction a couple of years ago that, at the time, I really enjoyed not just writing but re-reading. There are those special pieces sometimes, that appeal to us as fans and creators equally. “Sight Unseen” was one.

Unfortunately, a number of editors didn’t see it in as favorable a light, and after submitting it to several magazines, it drifted out of my life, gathering dust.

Last night, after not thinking about “Sight Unseen” for months, I received an email from the managing editor of THE GLASS COIN, Paul Phillips, who said he was impressed with the story and would like to publish it in an upcoming science “themed week” in the near future.

THE GLASS COIN is a weekly eZine of short works, publishing fiction, essays, prose, articles, visual art, videos and audio tracks that are less than 1000 words or five minutes in length.

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