Order ALIEN SKY from Another Sky Press

ALIEN SKY, featuring my short story, “Freestone”, is now available in paperback from Another Sky Press. Pick up a paperback copy through Amazon.com, Powells.com, and BookDepository.com for a fixed price, or you can order it straight from Another Sky Press for the production and shipping costs, plus whatever you think it might be worth.

Edited by Justin Nicholes with cover art from Erik Abel, ALIEN SKY features the following contributors and their stories:

ALIEN SKY, now available  from at Amazon.com.

ALIEN SKY, edited by Justin Nicholes, now available from at Amazon.com.

Economic turmoil, environmental chaos, greed, murder… sometimes the future doesn’t feel so different from the now. Inside, learn to love a digital dog capable of more than just fetching bones, meet a space-traveling Don Juan, and join a pickaxe-wielding murderer as he jumps dimensions chasing down the same man again and again. Some of the many stories within are humorous, others frightful, and still others put the alien in alienation-but all help us find our own humanity, regardless of which planet we call home.

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