POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS 3 coming in April 5.

POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS 3 coming in April 5.

POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS 3, including my short story, “Thirteen Seconds”, will officially debut April 5th with a launch party at Avant-Garde Bar in Ottawa. The event will feature readings from contributing authors and art displays by the anthology’s illustrators, as well as horror trivia and prizes, and of course, refreshments.

Some of the titles in the table of contents include “Bone” by Kera Willis, “What They Wore” by Kyle Hemmings, “Request Stop” by Frank Roger, “What Happens in Vegas” by Karen Robiscoe, “Empty Spots” by Carly Berg, “Carl and Monty’s Prairie Wager” by James Moran, “The One Who Always Gets to Sit in a Chair” by Ralph Robert Moore, “Obstruction” by Kriscinda Everitt, and “I’m Almost You” by Stephen McQuiggan.

Other contributing authors include: Jason Philip Wierzba, David Newson, Canice Caskey, Alyssa Cooper, Patrick Roscoe, Alexander Gonzalez, Michael Kelly, Lucas Dawes, and Maj Ikle.

POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS 3 is edited by Sean Moreland and Aalya Ahmad, and copy edited by Ranylt Richildis, with layout and design by Danny Lalonde.

3 Responses to “POSTSCRIPTS TO DARKNESS coming April 5”

  1. Hey-lo, X. Must re-blog!! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Charron's Chatter and commented:
    Forgive my excessive enthusiasm, but I had to re-blog this wonderful announcement from Chris Larsen’s Blog this morning, announcing the (still pending) release of the anthology containing my debut short fiction. This fiction introduces the main players in my urban fantasy: SPIRITED REMIX–and I am excited as all get out by all of this! Whee, and yay, and whoop, whoop, whoop!

    I am in company with authors like you dream about, well-published and credentialed and way more legit than me, so…so…so, sew a button on a balloon, and > Pop that champers…

  3. […] launch parties, including the one at Avant-Garde Bar in Ottawa on April 5, which I announced here. There are also a couple of Ontario launch parties shaping up during April and May in Kingston and […]

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