I Heart Reading doesn’t heart “724”

Young adult novelist Majanka Verstraete reviewed FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS (West Pigeon Press), including my story, “724”, for her website, I Heart Reading.

Reviewer Majanka Verstraete is "looking forward to what West Pigeon Press decides to publish next."

After reading FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS, reviewer Majanka Verstraete is “looking forward to what West Pigeon Press decides to publish next.”

While Verstraete liked the anthology, it turns out she didn’t really much care for my story (possible spoilers ahead):

This story was all right, but nothing special. It reminded me too much of Benjamin Button. I know it’s not the same, but I’ve read about this concept a lot of times before. Someone who can age at will, or changes from baby to eighty plus years old in a day. The way it was executed wasn’t that special or thought-provoking either. The main character lacked personality. Her reaction the first time she saw the signs something was up – namely, ignoring it and thinking she’d imagined it – didn’t strike me as believable. Her relationship with Owen was absurd, not because of what he was, but because they barely knew each other. Linnie didn’t ask entirely enough questions.

Verstraete may not have liked my story, but her review  included much-deserved praise for the following authors for their contributions to FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPSDoug Murano, B.V. Lawson, Nick Medina, Paul L. Bates, Lydia Peever, Samuel Minier, A.A. Garrison, and Joshua Clark Orkin.

But don’t take Verstraete’s word for it. Read FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS for yourself, and leave your own review at Amazon.com.

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