Read “Sight Unseen” in THE GLASS COIN

For the first time in what seems like forever, I have a story that is free, online, with no downloading necessary. And it’s a quick story fix, checking in at just under a thousand words. Click here to read “Sight Unseen” at THE GLASS COIN.

Read "Sight Unseen" at THE GLASS COIN.

Read “Sight Unseen” at THE GLASS COIN.

Jackie, who had slipped on a pair of dog training gloves, shook the cage, and stirred from the emptiness the panicked screech of a rhesus macaque.  The straw flattened and flew, the rope swung, and the bars even pinched together as if squeezed by small, invisible hands.

Arthur sucked his teeth. “How did you do that?  Hidden speakers?  Animatronics?”  But he didn’t really believe that a gag that simple would be worth the trouble, especially from a true scientist like Jackie.

“Invisibility,” breathed Jackie, as if it were the true name of God.  “Not some bullshit cloaking meta-material, but honest-to-goodness invisibility—on a biological level.  I’ve done it with frogs, mice and monkeys already.”

THE GLASS COIN is a weekly eZine of short works, publishing fiction, essays, prose, articles, visual art, videos and audio tracks that are less than 1000 words or five minutes in length.

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