COMING SOON blog hop

Welcome to my stop on the ‘Coming Soon’ blog hop–the perfect place to find out what’s next on my agenda, and to find out a little bit more about my writing. Maybe this is the first time you’ve even heard about me. If that’s the case, then this ‘blog hop’ is doing it’s job–introducing interested readers to new writers.

Before I go any further, I want to thank my fellow writer, Alyssa Cooper, for inviting me to answer the following questions about my current projects, the writing process, and best of all, what gives me the skeevies.

  1. What are you working on right now? I finished my first novel, LOSING TOUCH, in July, and spent the next few months starting and abandoning a series of novels. The one I’m working on now, though, THE GOOD OF EVIL, I think has legs. It’s about a drifter with amnesia who inhales people’s life force to survive.
  2. How does is differ from other works in its genre? It’s a horror novel, to be sure, much less science-fiction-y than LOSING TOUCH. What makes it different is that the main character is the monster, and yet, the monsters are all around him. It definitely asks the reader to re-evaluate his or her idea of good and evil.
  3. What experiences have influenced you? I’m an extreme centrist. There’s always three sides to every story: yours, mine, and the truth. This past election season (like all election seasons), people were so damned sure they were right on both sides of the aisle. In my experience, the surer someone sounds, the less they know. THE GOOD OF EVIL is a novel about perception. Most of the time, and I’m talking about the stuff people argue about, good and evil are simply labels we apply based on our own prejudices.
  4. Why do you write what you do? I thought about coming up with some high-minded answer here, like fear is the most basic human emotion or some such shit, but the truth is I write what I do because I don’t have a choice. The stories decide what they are. I don’t. 
  5. How does your writing process work? No prewriting before and very little editing after. Open a file and go, go, go. Like I referenced in my answer to number 4, the stories decide what they are, I don’t.
  6. What is the hardest part about writing? Editing. I really can’t go back with a critical eye. I truly suck at that.
  7. What would you like to try as a writer that you haven’t yet? Screenwriting. Short stories, novels, movies–it’s all storytelling. I do appreciate the lyricism of the written word, but it’s no more holy than a beautifully composed shot.  
  8. Who are the authors you most admire? I’m not going to say the obvious ones, because that always looks like you’re trying to attach yourself to their popularity, but suffice to say I do like a lot of popular, best-selling authors. Some of the ones you might not know include: Frederick Pohl, Susie Moloney, Thomas Steinbeck, Earl Hamner … there’s a million of them. If I mention them anywhere on this site, they ‘re worth checking out.
  9. Who are new authors to watch out for? Other than the authors linked in this post (see Alyssa and below), I really enjoy the work of Shaun Meeks, Aaron J. French, Rose Blackthorn, Max Booth III, A.A. Garrison, T. Fox Dunham … I could go on and on. Like I said in the previous answer, if I mention them anywhere on my website, you should read them.
  10. What scares you? Zombies, sharks, and idiots. And idiot zombie sharks are the worst.

Now that you know a little bit about me and my work, click the links below to read the blogs of three of my fellow writers, who will be joining me on the ‘Coming Soon’ blog tour next Wednesday:

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  1. aslan's frau Says:

    So who are the other writers you admire the most? I really like this format.

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