Leave a review for SO IT GOES, now available!

SO IT GOES, now available from PMMP.

SO IT GOES, now available from PMMP.

SO IT GOES: A TRIBUTE TO KURT VONNEGUT, featuring my short story, “The Fountain of Relative Youth”, is now available to order via Amazon.com, and whoa, what a list of contributors: Frank Roger, Jay WilburnK. A. LaityJames W. HritzT. Fox DunhamJonathan BalogE.E. King, Philip Simondet, Mike Sheedy, Thomas Messina, Aric ZairTony Wayne BrownJames DorrMichael Lee SmithChristian A. LarsenBrady GerberJames Wymore, Rachael Durbin, Sue Lange, Joseph McKinley, Eli Wilde, and C. M. Chapman.

I and everyone involved would love to hear what you think. Consider this a formal appeal for your review. If you’re looking for an idea of how to write one, the following is adapted from an assignment given by Kurt Vonnegut to his students in his “Form of Fiction” course at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop:

I invite you to read the twenty-two tales in SO IT GOES: A TRIBUTE TO KURT VONNEGUT (Max Booth III, editor, 2013, Perpetual Motion Publishing Machine, $14.95 in paperback, $2.99 in digital). Read them for pleasure and satisfaction, beginning each as though, only seven minutes before, you had swallowed two ounces of very good booze. “Except ye be as little children …”

Then reproduce the table of contents of the book, omitting the page numbers, and substituting for each number a grade from A to F. The grades should be childishly selfish and impudent measures of your own joy or lack of it. I don’t care what grades you give. I do insist that you like some stories better than others.

Proceed next to the hallucination that you are a minor but useful editor on a good literary magazine not connected with a university. Take three stories that please you most and three that please you least, six in all, and pretend that they have been offered for publication. Write a few sentences on each to be submitted to a wise, respected, witty and world-weary superior and post it at Amazon, Goodreads, your blog, a review site, Facebook, or as a ‘reply’ to this blog post.

Do not do so as an academic critic, nor as a person drunk on art, nor as a barbarian in the literary market place. Do so as a sensitive person who has a few practical hunches about how stories can succeed or fail. Praise or damn as you please, but do so rather flatly, pragmatically, with cunning attention to annoying or gratifying details. Be yourself. Be unique. Be a good editor. The Universe needs more good editors, God knows.

Any review would be awesome, whether you want to follow those instructions or not. But if you do follow Vonnegut’s framework, I’m a big boy. If my story falls in the bottom three category, I can take it. I’ll take it with tears, but I’ll take it.

UPDATE: Editor Max Booth III has some extra incentive for you to participate: 

Sounds fun, right? Well here’s where we up the stakes: anyone who participates in this challenge will be entered in a raffle for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. The lucky winner will be chosen at random on July 1st. So do make sure, that if you do involve yourself in this project, that you email us at pmmpublishing@gmail.com so your name doesn’t slip through the cracks!

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  1. Well done, Chris! Love it!

  2. […] in our recent anthology, So it Goes: a Tribute to Kurt Vonnegut. Today he’s come up with a brilliant idea that everyone can participate in, and even get a chance to win free […]

  3. […] in our recent anthology, So it Goes: a Tribute to Kurt Vonnegut. Today he’s come up with a brilliant idea that everyone can participate in, and even get a chance to win free […]

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