One of the nice things about getting to know people in the horror biz, is sometimes you get to go “back stage”, even if it’s only in the digital sense. I was recently given the chance to screen SKULL WORLD, a documentary by Unstable Ground’s Justin McConnell, and brother, you’ve never seen a documentary quite like this:

coverThe truth is stranger than fiction. If you don’t believe me,  watch SKULL WORLD, a documentary by  Justin McConnell about Greg “Skull Man” Sommer, who either never grew  up, or grew up the way we all should–by enjoying life.

Sommer is a balding thirty-something who lifts weights, shreds to  heavy metal, and, while he earns money on the side digging graves, he becomes  perhaps the western hemisphere’s pre-eminent box warrior in which he engages in  combat using hand crafted armor and weapons made out of cardboard. You’ve seen  kids doing this, maybe. But you’ve never seen adults doing it. And Sommer, who  since high school has been donning a rubber skull mask and adopting the moniker  of “Skull Man”, is among the elite.

With SKULL WORLD, the  viewer is given a front-row seat to two years of Sommer’s life, as he explains,  or tries to explain, what

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One Response to “SKULL WORLD review”

  1. nice! i want to see this after reading promo at last years Festival of Fear. sounds like ‘Carts of Darkness’, in that no one else could have made this documentary and filmed this particular story quite right. glad that is sounds like all i wanted it to be. looking forward to this.

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