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Be the first to post a reader review for SHADOW MASTERS

Posted in News on May 31, 2013 by Christian
SHADOW MASTERS available at

SHADOW MASTERS available at

SHADOW MASTERS: AN ANTHOLOGY FROM THE HORROR ZINE is already a bestselling horror anthology at, and, and I hope I’ll be able to say the same once it’s released on (coming very soon, I’m told).

With a strong lineup of international writers like Shaun Meeks, Tim Jeffreys, and Cheryl Kaye Tardif, it’s easy to see why the book is a Top 100-selling Kindle anthology less than a week after its release by Imajin Books.

Including a host of award-winning and best-selling authors, SHADOW MASTERS features a murderer’s row of horror greats (and some future greats to boot):

After you’ve digested SHADOW MASTERS (unless it digests you first!), please leave a review at your Amazon store of choice. What did you like the most? What would you like to see more of? Because even with new issues of The Horror Zine coming out every month, editor Jeani Rector is sure to put out another anthology next year. All those terrifying tales have to go somewhere.

MISERIA’S CHORALE to feature “Becoming the Beast”

Posted in News on May 30, 2013 by Christian

It’s been a while since I’ve submitted a short story anywhere. I haven’t really written any since right after I wrapped up LOSING TOUCH last summer, but that drought might be ending.

My short story, “Becoming the Beast”, is the first tale committed to MISERIA’S CHORALE by the fledgling Forgotten Tomb Press. According to the publisher, the anthology, edited by David Nell, will feature “dark, atmospheric literary fiction that shows a proficiency in language and tone.”

And how about that artwork?

Miseria's Chorale

Forgotten Tomb Press plans to release the anthology out this October in eBook and paperback formats via,,, and other selected outlets. Watch for it!

darkfictionfan reviews ZIPPERED FLESH 2 at Barnes & Noble

Posted in Book Reviews, News on May 29, 2013 by Christian

Reader reviews keep coming for ZIPPERED FLESH 2 from Smart Rhino Publications. ‘darkfictionfan’ recently posted a review at Barnes & Noble, listing my story, “The Little Things” as a favorite:

ZIPPERED FLESH 2, now available at Barnes & Noble and

ZIPPERED FLESH 2, now available at Barnes & Noble and

I picked the print version of this book, loving the idea of body modifications gone bad, but not expecting what was inside. The book is so good; not a stinker in the bunch. There is enough gore, creeps, chuckles and shivers in every story, you will not be bored or disappointed. Some of the stories (Christian A. Larsen’s “The Little Things”, for one) are like an old classic horror story, while others (like Michael Bailey’s “Primal Tongue”) are creepy, cautious tales of technology gone bad. There is realistic horror (Shaun Meeks’ “Taut” and Lisa Mannetti’s “The Hunger Artist”), sci-fi driven horror (L.L. Soares’ “Seeds” and Daniel L. Russell’s “Prosthetics”), and ones that are just good, strange fun (M.L. Roos’ “After Darque”, Rick Hudson’s “The Affair of the Jade Dragon” and Jonathan Templar’s “Baby Daddy”). My only issue is that there wasn’t more to read. Hopefully the editor will put together another great collection soon.

Here is a look at the table of contents:

Pick up a paperback or ebook copy for yourself today at Amazon or Barnes & Noble and decide for yourself which ones you enjoy the most. Then be sure to leave a review, because you never know when a potential ZIPPERED FLESH 3 might come out, and editors are always watching.

Planet Mindy spotlights LOSING TOUCH

Posted in News on May 28, 2013 by Christian
LOSING TOUCH, now available to preorder at

LOSING TOUCH, now available to preorder at

Mindy Novotny, who not-so-famously refused to hire me way back in 2000 for a promotions gig at 95 WIIL ROCK, apparently thinks more of me as a writer than a driver of vans and a doler of prizes.

Mindy is holding court nowadays at 102.9 The Hog in Milwaukee and is talking up LOSING TOUCH on her blog, Planet Mindy.

After she sent me away from the job interview with a “it’s not you, it’s us,” and a pat on the head, I was hired to do weekends at 95 which turned into overnights, and finally evenings. I assume all of this was against Mindy’s wishes. But we became good friends, anyway.

Still, I’ve been writing a while, and Mindy has never blogged about me before, so I consider this to be my ‘Sally Field’ moment.

LOSING TOUCH, featuring a foreword by NY Times bestselling author Piers Anthony, is now available to preorder via

Copies will ship beginning June 25, but I’ll be signing copies at the World Horror Convention in New Orleans the third weekend in June, and on June 23 from 1-4, The Aberdeen Tap will be hosting the Chicago launch event.

For those that prefer the country to the city, I’ll be signing copies at Read Between the Lynes Bookstore in Woodstock, Illinois on June 30 from 11-1. I hope to see you there!

Pick up your copy of SHADOW MASTERS today!

Posted in News on May 26, 2013 by Christian

SHADOW MASTERS: AN ANTHOLOGY FROM THE HORROR ZINE, featuring my short story “The People Eaters”, is now available at Edited by Jeani Rector, it’s the perfect summer read for horror lovers, with a foreword by Joe R. Lansdale and bites of all-new fiction from award-winning authors and some of the genres best-sellers:


SHADOW MASTERS: AN ANTHOLOGY FROM THE HORROR ZINE, featuring “The People Eaters”, now available at

Visit The Horror Zine for a monthly fix of fiction, poetry, essays and artwork all sure to chill you to the bone. And when you’re done reading the latest edition of the e-zine and SHADOW MASTERS (Imajin Books), pick up one of its other critically-acclaimed anthologies: AND NOW THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS (2009), TWICE THE TERROR (2010), WHAT FEARS BECOME (2011), and A FEAST OF FRIGHTS (2012).

Ian Welke reviews HORRIFIC HISTORY

Posted in Book Reviews, News on May 25, 2013 by Christian

Genre writer Ian Welke has read HORRIFIC HISTORY, including my short story, “Skin of Blue and Grey”, and liked what he read. In his review at, Welke writes:

I’ve read enough stories by Christian A. Larsen and A.J. French in other anthologies that when I see their names in the table of contents I know the book will be worth purchasing. Stories by Adam Millard, Jay Wilburn, and Rose Blackthorn were particularly well done, as was Pete Aldin’s story “Mud”. Overall the standouts are worth the cover price on their own, and a number of others are good solid stories.

Here’s a look at the complete table of contents:

HORRIFIC HISTORY is "worth the cover price".

HORRIFIC HISTORY is “worth the cover price”.

HORRIFIC HISTORY, edited by Robert Helmbrecht, is a product of Hazardous Press, which will be releasing my story “One Bottle, No Label” as part of the charity anthology SHIFTERS at the World Horror Convention June 13-16 in New Orleans at the Hotel Monteleone.

I’ll have a number of other anthologies for sale there through different dealers including ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES (Dark Moon Books), SO IT GOES: A TRIBUTE TO KURT VONNEGUT (Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing), and THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE (Post Mortem Press).

That’s also where my debut novel, LOSING TOUCH, will see first light. I will be signing copies at the Post Mortem Press table, but if you have a copy of HORRIFIC HISTORY or any other book in which my work appears and want me to sign it, who am I to say no?

SHIFTERS to be released at the WHC

Posted in News on May 25, 2013 by Christian
SHIFTERS to feature "One Bottle, No Label"

SHIFTERS to feature “One Bottle, No Label”

SHIFTERS, a charity anthology from Hazardous Press featuring my short story, “One Bottle, No Label”, will be released at the World Horror Convention June 13-16 at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans. Convenient for me, since I’ll be there signing copies of my novel, LOSING TOUCH (Post Mortem Press), available now for pre-ordering via

With cover art by the convention’s artist guest of honor, Glenn Chadbourne, contributors to SHIFTERS include: David Wellington, Jay Wilburn, Adam Millard, Doug MuranoAaron Gudmunson, Tara Fox Hall, Cameron Suey, D. Alexander Ward, Max Booth, Dawn NapierChantal Boudreau, Brent Nichols, Amanda Pillar, Beryl Knight, Steve Voelker, and Jen White.

Edited by Robert Helmbrecht, the werewolf-and-so-much-more anthology will benefit the American Humane Association’s Red Star Rescue Team, which provides disaster response services for pets and domestic animals.