Michael Bailey recommends LOSING TOUCH

LOSING TOUCH, coming next month from Post Mortem Press, is garnering more favorable buzz. Michael Bailey, multi award-winning author of PALINDROME HANNAH, PHOENIX ROSE, PSYCHOTROPIC DRAGON, and editor of CHIRAL MAD read an advance copy and had this to say:

Phase through LOSING TOUCH and materialize on the other side having absorbed something marvelous. From the opening scene to conclusion, Larsen writes with an expert hand and keeps you immersed in a novel reminiscent to early King. The special power in this case is quantum tunneling, or “phasing” and the subject matter is handled with honest realism, pulling you directly through the page.

LOSING TOUCH cover art by Gary McCluskey.

LOSING TOUCH cover art by Gary McCluskey.

LOSING TOUCH, featuring a foreword by NY Times bestselling author Piers Anthony, will be released on Amazon.com on June 25, with special “street” availability at the World Horror Convention in New Orleans June 13-15, and the Chicago launch event at The Aberdeen Tap between 1-4 on June 23. Read Between the Lynes Bookstore will also be holding a signing event in Woodstock, Illinois on Sunday, June 30th between 11-1.

The final edits are in, thanks to some stellar work by Felicia A. Sullivan, and while there may be a few more behind-the-scenes tasks to complete, LOSING TOUCH should be about press ready.

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